Weifang seo: Learning seo to know what language code it?

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Weifang seo: Learning seo to know what language code it?

Do not understand the code can not do SEO? The answer is in the negative. Understand the site optimization related code, can better engage in SEO related work, can improve the efficiency of the site optimization.

Learn what the code needs to know about SEO

Learning SEO, code knowledge, distributed in the front-end code html+css,javascript, distributed in some languages such as php,asp and so on.

Learning SEO in the end to know what code is feasible? In fact, there is not a strict argument. In fact, the technology is not pressure body is the old saying, learn more, to better learn seo, Operation SEO.

Broadly speaking, SEO is a promotional site, programming and development site belongs to the construction station. They are seemingly irrelevant, and the current website operation model for small and medium-sized websites is irrelevant.

1, most of the company's Web site to find a construction station after the completion of the project to the hired SEO staff to manage. And a lot of SEO staff will only point to the basis of SEO, write some articles hair outside the chain, when a "super" editor. In fact, SEO will run through the entire site construction + operation process, from the site intends to build a station to follow the network marketing promotion, SEO need to participate in one of the responsible.

2, the construction station process needs to participate in the discussion of SEO issues are actually built station developers should consider the problem, if the Chinese programmers in the process of building all the way to write HTML and CSS, then the HTML code above the SEO participation is relatively small. But sadly, Chinese programmers seldom do so strictly according to specifications. So build station development process a lot of need SEO to participate and set SEO need to optimize the place to give optimization.

3, SEO does not need to use high-level code language to build stations. such as PHP, C#.net, ASP, Java and so on. But you have to understand the entire site composition and the various languages of the introduction, and will download open source programs such as weaving dream quickly completed a platform to build. If you use a virtual host, you have to figure out what all the features on the virtual host Control Panel are. such as 404,301, the default home page settings, domain name binding and parsing, site coding issues, directory permissions, and so on. If you're using a Windows server, you need to know at least all the features that IIS needs to use.

In order to further elaborate learning SEO and mastering the relationship between the code, the Web pick a section of content, as follows:

Presumably a lot of friends have met such a website, browser access can see the content of the site is very rich, but a look at Baidu snapshot only frame, no text. This is the consequence of developing a programmer's technology (AJAX), although it is technically not a problem to consider. However, from the perspective of optimization and the ultimate goal of the technology implementation, this is a problem that the programmer does not handle in accordance with the specification.

And for a programmer, they're going to look at technology rather than website operations. Big company Technical department and Push Light Marketing department Division of Labor Breakdown, all kinds of links are monitored and grasped. For small companies may be a promotion department, perhaps a do not understand the technology of SEO promotion and a bitter force SEO.

We can think of if you do not understand the code optimization, do not understand HTML, only know how to write articles outside the chain. A long time Baidu is still not included, at this point you will be very confused. Even a collection are not or included very little, will be a serious blow to your enthusiasm. Maybe these problems are caused by the misuse of technology by programmers, and if you don't know the technology, all you have to do is meet a really awesome programmer. Otherwise you will have to understand and instruct him to operate. Does not require you to deal with technical things.

SEO need to do their own website?

Do SEO do not have to do their own site, the reason is very simple, SEO operation of the only understanding what technology can not do? such as the current important information can not be placed in Falsh, JS, IFROM, Ajax inside. is not to shout you to learn to do FASLH. Website building station and SEO in nominal no connection. SEO involves only using which technical problem to complete what functionality and HTML issues. Other optimization problems should actually be the programmer's own consideration, not SEO needs to assist the programmer to complete. Such as: Code execution efficiency, code security, easy maintenance and so on.

SEO needs to know and be familiar with HTML:

As SEO needs to understand and familiar with the principles of HTML and CSS and can understand and simple changes. Furthermore, it is necessary to understand the principle of Web server execution, the principle of client browser execution and the principle of browser rendering loading page elements. Only by understanding this, can you better optimize your website. HTML and CSS are not difficult, as long as willing to work hard to learn two days can be done. Many people do not understand, look at the code dizzy not because he is more stupid than others, but because he is weak in the heart.

Weifang seo (http://www.meiyangseo.cm) Reviews:

Learning SEO, need to know as much as possible with the site optimization related code, learn more, to better study seo. Specifically what code to do? The general requirement is to master the HTML is div+css, familiar with weight tags such as h1,alt, familiar with JavaScript, familiar with the construction of PHP code Building station System, master the streamlined code to improve the speed of website opening.

Weifang seo: Learning seo to know what language code it?

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