39% smartphone users use the phone when they are in the bathroom

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According to foreign media reports, Google's Tuesday report shows that 39% of smartphone users will use smartphones in the bathroom.

* 81% of smartphone users use their mobile phones to surf the web, 77% to search, 68% to use one app, and 48% to watch video on smartphones.

* 72% of people use mobile phones to consume other media, 1/3 of whom watch TV while using their mobile phones.

* 45% of people use mobile phones to help manage and plan activities such as dinner planning, travel arrangements and financial management.

* 39% of people will use smartphones while washing their hands, and 1/5 will give up their cable TV to use smartphones.


In terms of search, information is required for news (57%), catering (51%), Entertainment (49%), Shopping (47%), Technology (32%), Tourism (31%), Finance (26%) and Automobiles (17%).

9/10 of smartphone search users will take action after the search, with 53% of them buying, 24% recommending brands or products to other users, and 53% continuing to search for more information on the computer.

Local Information

Localized information is an important part of smartphone users ' needs. 95% of the users had searched for local information, 61% had called one company, 59% had visited a company's website and 44% had purchased it. Users reacted quickly to local information, with 88% of local information searchers taking action within 1 days.

Mobile Shopping

In mobile commerce and buying, 79% of respondents said smartphones helped shoppers, and 70% of people used smartphones in shops. 74% of users who use smart-phone shopping are buying. Smartphones have an impact on the buying behavior of various channels, with 76% of people buying in physical stores, 59% buying online via computers and 35% by mobile phones.

Interestingly, 27% of smartphone purchases are done via mobile websites, 22% via apps. Smartphone users last year spent 300 dollars on the median shopping spree. Entertainment, electronic products and apparel are the most popular shopping categories.


71% of users will search the smartphone after they see it, whether it's traditional media, online advertising or mobile advertising. 82% of users will notice mobile ads, 42% of them will click Ads, 27% people will contact the seller, 35% people will visit the advertising site, 49% of the people will buy European stocks.

Note: This is the report of the cooperation between Google and Market research institute Ipsos OTX.

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