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Many Linux network applications do not rely on themselves to provide access restrictions or bindings to specific TCP ports; instead, they often give a large number of such tasks to a suite of programs designed for that purpose; The suite is xinetd.

Fedora Linux silently installs xinetd and/etc/xinetd.conf as its primary configuration file. Luckily you don't have to edit this file frequently, so xinetd's daily job is to start and stop xinetd management programs.

Control xinetd

Start and stop the xinetd daemon is controlled by scripts in the/ETC/INIT.D directory. The behavior at startup is controlled by Chkconfig.

After the system starts, you can use the following command to start/stop/Restart the XINETD process:

[Root@bigboy tmp]# service xinetd start[root@bigboy tmp]# service xinetd stop[root@bigboy tmp]# service xinetd restart

In order for xinetd to be run at the machine start, use the Chconfig command:

[Root@bigboy tmp]# chkconfig xinetd on

Applications that control XINETD management

The XINETD management application saves all of its configuration files in the/etc/xinetd.d directory. You can tell xinetd whether to allow it to start by setting the disable state of each profile to Yes.

You do not have to edit these files to activate or close the appropriate application. Chkconfig command will automatically help you start or stop the appropriate application! Here's an example of activating and shutting down the Samba SWAT Web GUI management application.

[Root@bigboy tmp]# chkconfig swat on[root@bigboy tmp]# chkconfig swat off
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