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The following command will temporarily add your WEP key to your NIC Setup, confirming that there are no colons and any other non-hexadecimal fonts in the font of the key, and that there should be 10 fonts:
& ">NBSP;

Iwconfig eth0 Key 967136deac

The same rule (no colon in 10 fonts and any non-hexadecimal font) is also applied to the Add encryption key to/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts:

# # File:ifcfg-eth0#device=eth0ipaddr= Wirelessmode=managedessid=homenetkey=967136deac

Note: Only the use of keys in the/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts directory is supported in a new version of Fedora, and the file format is the same as in the old version of the setup file. Remember that the key statement will not be supported in the settings file.

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