Is it perfect to use Docker as a PAAs alternative? _docker

With the popularization of digital technology, more and more enterprises are confronted with massive data. Although companies want to use large data nuggets, however, the lack of digital capabilities also makes it very easy to drown in this vast expa

jelastic--support for Java PAAs

Reprint Address: The first use is Gae, after the wall into the SAE. Although the SAE is good to use, but PHP is always not familiar with Java. Wandering on the internet found th

jelastic--support for Java PAAs

Reprint Address: The first use is Gae, after the wall into the SAE. Although the SAE is good to use, but PHP is always not familiar with Java. Wandering on the internet found th

Analysis on the implementation of multi-tenant in Java platform and some PAAs

Multi-Tenant Overview Multi-Tenant (Multi tenancy/tenant) is a software architecture that is defined as: Run a single instance of an application on a server that provides services to multiple tenants. In this architecture, the application is desig

Test and analysis of Web application performance of PAAs platform

Introduction Why I write this blog, because recently a lot of Jingdong Cloud Jae User response a problem is that they deployed in Jae application access is very slow, there are very few applications or even frequent 504 timeout phenomenon, of course

Capacitive Cloud: Container-driven PAAs platform implementation (top)

Editor's note: This article is based on the Shanghai Container Conference on-site speech content, based on the actual combat with you to share the next generation of PAAs platform construction problems encountered, the current mainstream PAAs platfor

How to use MySQL entityframework component to process MySQL PaaS DB

Tags: JSON string ati on push extern results technology share Deb UserMySQL database on azure is the MySQL cloud databases service launched on the Azure platform, providing users with a fully-managed, fast-deployable, highly available, high-security

Connect Azure's Documentdb PaaS via PHP's MongoDB driver

Label:Azure's Documentdb is a nosql type of database. It can also be compatible with today's popular MongoDB, with MongoDB's driver directly connected to Azure's ducumentdb.Currently, DOCUMENTDB is officially commercially available on Azure, and the

Azure MySQL PaaS (3) Create MySQL offsite read-only database (Master-slave)

Tags: href arm user link Center SQL database replication Azure tableWindows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  The azure MySQL PAAs service provides off-site read-only functionality, and we can create MySQL master nodes at primary sites,

Stop the azure MySQL PAAs database

Tags: stop mysql paas delete MySQL PAAsPreviously, the MySQL PAAs database was created in Azure, and now you want to stop the azure MySQL PAAs database because the test system is offline. But the long time found on the Azure portal did not find that

Windows Azure Pack vs. VMware VRA (vi) Azure pack MSSQL PAAs functional test

Tags: Windows Azure cloud Solutions Serviceplatform as a service (platform as aservices, abbreviated as PaaS) is a cloud computing service that provides the computing platform and the solution stack as a service. At the typical level of cloud

SQL Azure (16) Create a PAAs SQL Azure V12 Database

Label:Windows Azure Platform Family of articles CatalogThis article describes the domestic azure China by the century connected operation  The latest Azure PaaS SQL Database (SQL Azure) has been officially launched in China, here is a brief

Gen Blue 253 Cloud communication PAAs platform Python SMS interface Demo

Tags: Python SMS Verification Code Gen Blue 253 PAAs#!/usr/local/bin/python#--Coding:utf-8--author:jackytime:14-2-22 pm 11:48desc: Python code invocation example for SMS HTTP interfaceImport HttplibImport Urllib#服务地址Host = ""#端口号Port = 80#

Flynn Open source PAAs platform installation trial

Tags: check style emctl network effect dependent status manual lineFlynn-host Bootstrapflynn is a good open source PAAs platform, based on Git and container technology, developing models andHeroku is basically the same, and the way to build it is

Image management of test design for cloud computing PAAs platform

Tags: adding and removing the BSP easy to use today's detailed information technology sharing IDT HTTP creationBelow is an overview of the cloud Computing PAAs Platform page:Today we are going to talk about the test design of the image management

The analysis of PAAs under cloud computing

Tags: System AST server open-source streaming space Blog cluster particularityThe analysis of PAAs under cloud computingPAAS is an acronym for Platform-as-a-service, meaning platform as a service. The business model of providing a server platform as

CRM system PAAs to meet the individual needs of enterprises

Tags: CRM system PAAs1000 people, there are thousands of long like, 1000 enterprises, there are various needs, there are thousands of processes, the standard mode of CRM system is difficult to meet the personalized process and demand of enterprises,

docker--image management of PAAs architecture

Label:1. Image Management 1.1. List MirrorsSudo Docker Images1.2. View the imageSudo Docker images xxxx  1.3. Pull the imageSudo Docker pull Ubuntu1.4. Find the imageSudo Docker Search MySQL  1.5. Remove the imagesudo docker RMI xxxxx (Force)  1.6.

Cloud-paas Cloud Service Experience

Tags: send cloud experience Uncle Jiu650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "/>In our 51CTO cloud PAAs platform for the public testing experience is nearing the end of the recent use of Uncle

What are PAAs in China?

What are PAAs in China? (Transfer) Http:// The merchants who appear in the market as carriers and provide basic network and system resources to participate in Saas products are called Paas. PAAs

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