Python ways to get ID3 from MP3 files


The example in this article describes the way Python obtains id3 from MP3 files. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows:? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 def getID3 (fil

Source code compiled python generates python26_d.lib; processing error c101008d

1. Download Source Package Address: Select gzipped Source tar Ball (2.6) (SIG) 2. Unpack, open the Pcbuild directory under the sln file, I use the vs2010, at least if vs2008, 3. Set engine

Python Learning experience Sharing

If Java is a pro-son, then Python should be a son. Looking at all the notes about Python, I found out that I had been involved in Python in April, but so far I've actually made a case, and I've been trying to remember my Python learning process and

Elegant handling of Python Traceback

When we first approached Python, simple exception handling has helped us solve most of the problems, but as we go deeper, we'll find that there are a lot of situations where simple exception handling doesn't solve the problem, and the following code,

Python from rookie to Master (2): Empty python console

The Execute Python command goes into the Python console. Python statements can be executed interactively in the Python console. That is, executes a line of Python statements and returns the execution result immediately. When the Python console

Python from rookie to expert (6): Get user input, functions and comments

1. Get user input To write a program that has real value, you need to interact with the user. Of course, there are many ways to interact with the user, for example, the GUI (graphical user interface) is a very good way to interact with the user, but

Python design mode-UML-Package diagrams (Package Diagram)

Tags: font public service Ted Python simple folder reason nesting historyBrief introductionPackage diagrams is a description of the relationship between packages and packages, showing the dependencies between modules and modules in the system. A

Functions in Python

Learn the data types in Python, the statements, then the functions in Python, functions are the core of structured programming. We use functions to increase the readability of the program. A custom function uses a keyword function that consists of

Basic data types for getting started with Python

Why do I have to learn the language of Python? In fact, it is very simple, I want to expand the technical side at the same time, try more direction, it may end up, who knows? If possible, I will go to the crawler and data analysis in this direction.

Python abstract class (ABC module)

1. Abstract class Concepts An abstract class is a special class that can only be inherited and cannot be instantiated 2. Why should there be abstract classes In fact, in the non-contact abstract class concept, we can construct bananas, apples, pears

Python function Heat more (at development time)

Python function Hot More (run-time update) Characteristics Implement function run-time modification (development environment!!!) , not on-line heat more!!! ) Support for the co-function (tornado) Usage from /path/to/realtimefunc import

Using Python to make timestamp conversion tools

Using Python to make timestamp conversion tools Python timestamp to date date to timestamp In general, as a programmer, JSON and timestamps are commonly used two tools, I consulted many friends, they are generally through the online tool to

Fluent Python (note)

There are many artifice in fluent python, and the whole book emphasizes how to maximize the use of the Python standard library. This article introduces many of the infrequently used data types, operations, libraries, etc. of Python, and it should be

This article is dedicated to the small whites who are still on the basis of Python 0! It's not a problem to make sure you get started

Tags: feature data conversion dex appears EXE gets even call function creationMore cases please follow my blog: to join thousands of people Exchange resource sharing group: 125240963 It means there's

Python: collection operation summary

(1)Generate a set based on the listCombination: Basket = ['apple', 'Orange ', 'apple', 'pear', 'Orange ', 'bana'] fruit = set (basket) (2) generate a set based on the string: A = set ('abracadaba ') (3) intersection of sets: A & B (4)

Python Study Notes 1-assignment and string

Reading this study note requires a certain language base. If you have nothing to say, let's start.I. Assignment and numbers [Overview]Python assignment is simple: Number = 1 # Number = 2 + 2 # support for addition, subtraction, multiplication,

Python: send emails

#! /Usr/bin/Python#-*-Coding: UTF-8 -*- Import smtplibImport sys, datetimeImport email. Mime. TextFrom email. Mime. Base import mimebaseFrom email. header import HeaderFrom email. mimetext import mimetextFrom email. mimemultipart import

Python: Basic Data Type

Integer, floating point, Boolean (true/false), string;Number () numeric typeString (string)List (list), for example: [1, 2, 3], [1, 2, 3, [2, 3], 4]Dictionary (dictionary), for example: {1: "nihao", 2: "Hello"} sTuple (tuples), for example: (1, 2, 3,

Python: Database Operations

#! /Usr/bin/Python#-*-Coding: UTF-8 -*- Add header file Import mysqldb as MDBImport sys, time, datetime Class operatedbtool (object ): Connect to database @ StaticmethodDef connecttodb (host_info ):Con =

Python Study Notes 2-column (list)

Column, similar to the concept of array, but a higher level of data structure, each element attribute can be different, directly onCodeRight. #! /Usr/bin/Pythona = ['egg', 'apple ', 100,200] print aprint A [0] print a [] # modifya [2] = A [2] + 10

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