Compiling and running Java programs in Sublime Text 2

Click on the "Preferences" menu, select "Browse Packages" to open the directory of the plugin, find the "Java" Item, double-click Open. A file with a suffix named Sublime-build is a command to compile the program, find Javac.sublime-build, and drag i

Install sublime text 3 on Ubuntu

Access HTTP://WWW.SUBLIMETEXT.COM/3, download the corresponding version, install the Deb file OK, in the terminal input SUBL is open.

Compiling and running Java programs on Sublime Text 3 (pro-test pass)

At present, a lot of articles on the Internet in sublime Text 2 to build a Java development environment, this article describes the Windows system in sublime text 3 on how to build a Java development environment, the two a little different. 1. Set J

Sublime Text 3 Common shortcut keys Sublime Text 3 Powerful not only plug-ins, with shortcut keys also commendable, the following introduction of the common shortcut key summary Su

Sublime Text 2 supports GB2312 and GBK to solve the problem of garbled Chinese display

Sublime Text 2 is a very good source code and text editor, but does not support GB2312 and GBK encoding can be cumbersome in many cases. However, sublime Package control allows the plugin to allow sublime text 2 to almost perfectly support CJK-encode

Sublime Text 2_vim Configuration and quick key settings

1.preferences->settings-user Add the following: "Ignored_packages": [], "Vintage_start_in_command_mode": true, //When opening a file for command mode "Vintage_ctrl_keys": True //Replace Windows with Vim's CTRL shortcut key T

Configure the latex editing environment under sublime Text 3 __latex

0 Configuration Scheme Brief I decided to look for an elegant latexing posture when the seniors told WinEdt that it was already very out of the day. The programmes currently in use are:Win7 x64 + Tex Live 2015 + Sublime Text 3 + latextools (Sublime

Sublime Text 3 Solve Chinese garbled problem __ version control tools

(i) Sublime Text 3 Installation Package control Automatic installation: 1, through the shortcut key Ctrl + ' or View > show Console menu to open the console 2, paste the corresponding version of the code after the carriage return insta

Sublime Text 3 Full details original tutorial _sublime

First, the preface Use sublime Text also have a few years, version also from 2 to 3, but as if cold days drink ice water, warm and cool do self-knowledge. At first also do not know where to start, the whole of the earth to find information, but can b

Sublime Text 3 full detailed graphics and text use tutorial _h5

First, the preface Use sublime Text also have a few years, version also from 2 to 3, but as if cold days drink ice water, warm and cool do self-knowledge. At first also do not know where to start, the whole of the earth to find information, but can b

Perfect solution Sublime Text 3/2 cannot install package control Problem manual Installation _ Experience Tutorial

Original Blog Address: Sublime text can be said to be with Eclipse and say the best development tool in the world at present. Many times, we search the Internet Sublimetext 3 install package control, display 99% are

Resolve Sublime Text 3 garbled

Reproduced from: 1, open Sublime Text 3, press ctrl+~ to open the control line, copy and paste the following Python code, and then enter the run.Copy and paste the following code: Import Urllib.requ

Sublime Text 3 Full details of the original tutorial (continuous update in ... )

Transferred from: First, preface Use sublime Text also has several years, version also upgraded from 2 to 3, but like cold days drink ice water, warm and cool to know. Initially also do not kn

Ubuntu16.04 Installation Sublime Text 3

Tags: pack lib span ack led system write share class1. Add a software source for the Sublime-text-3 software package  2. Update the system software source  3. Installing sublime-text-3  4. Command line StartupSubl  5. Install the package controlOpen

Set the sublime Text Python development environment to pave the way for a good start on the road to programming!

Tags: adjust new debugger cross-platform DEA Code Debug Window packRecently, when I mostly used the Python development environment to edit, I began to use Sublinme Text 3 more and more, this article mainly shows that Python programmers can use more

Go environment Build, Sublime Text 3 install Go language related plug-in gosublime

Tags: CBO ble span CTO led man Code First environment setupGo Language Environment Installation1.Brew Install GoThe default installation, the/usr/local/cellar/go directory is installed and the environment variable is set by itself. 2.Go env to view

Sublime Text 3 Installing the Python plugin

Tags: package BSP Prompt Code main query context disable way1. Sublimecodeintel Plug-inFunction: Code completion, variables, function jumpsThis plug-in contains code hints, completion plug-ins (can jump to variables, function definition where),

Sublime Text 2 greening and Localization [Windows Chapter]

Tags: style class blog HTTP tar extIn fact, ST3 has been out for a long time, but I this person nostalgia, has been fond of ST2, so chose her.Recently my ST2 more and more cards, even sometimes the input will delay 1 seconds, so I intend to make a

Bit record--windows 7 installed sublime Text 3, Cynwin, Sublimeclang

Tags: sublimetext windows C + +Reprint please indicate source: To the Setup-x86_64.exe installation file, download the default road to install, in the selection

2018 Best Sublime Text 3 theme

Tags: OVA app sharing package Management utility conf TPS SRC Code EditorSublime text is one of the most popular text editors for encoding. Sublime Text has many features that make programming interesting, making coding interesting, and through

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