Vim+vundle+vim-autoformat+astyle Format Code __vim

Vundle is the VIM plug-in management tool used to manage Vim plug-ins, Vim-autoformat is a code-formatted plug-in 1. Installation Vundle (reference click to open link) $ git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle.vim

Vim Base Command __vim

Command mode Tapping Keys meaning : Wq Save exit : q! Exit Insert mode inserts in various ways Tapping Keys meaning I Enter insert mode at the fro

Integrated vim editing features in VS development environment __usingsoftware

Found a great vs extension-vsvim (Download address: You can use Microsoft's Code Editor in the VS IDE as if you were using VIM. The key bindings can be easily swit

A variety of tab_vim techniques in vim

Expandtab: When you type <tab>, you automatically convert <tab> to spaces Tabstop=n: A <tab> will be converted to n spaces inserted into the text Retab: When ' Expandtab ' is set, the newly typed <tab> is converted to a spac

Install VIM solution Centos-bash:vim:command not found on CentOS 7

Tags: lin strong nts ons command input func syntax programmerUsing VIM on CentOS can not be used, error does not have the commandCentos-bash:vim:command not foundSo how to install vim?------------------------------------------------------------------

Vi/vim Delete and other commands

Tags: use should space character pre IPS and save LSE RACDelete one line: DDDelete a word/cursor after the remainder of the word: DWDelete Current character: XThe line part after the cursor: d$Text deletionDD Delete a rowd$ delete a line of

Vi/vim command Explanation

Tags: and nowrap appear for EPO ... enter to remove scanBasic Command Learning Directory HomeOriginal link: VIvi filename# Open or create a new file and place the cursor at the beginning of the

Vim Editor

Tags: only process does not have many highlight areas search instruction learningFirst, why should we learn the VIM editor?There are a lot of text editors under the command line interface of Linux. For example, there are Emacs, Pico, Nano, Joe and

Don't say you don't know it/a minute to bring you to know Vim's past life

Tags: SSH color technology new three modes using full-screen filename insertIn some questions about the text editor, I will mention that vim in the text editor is no editor can be out of its right, including Vim's old enemy Emacs, in this regard can

Vim Editor

Tags: default technical content Ima Section nbsp record insert FlickerThis will not be like a book to introduce Vi/vim word-for-word, direct recording of the actual part (combined with my real)1.VI fileThis command is used to open a file, enter the

Three years of ice-drinking-ai-linux-04 vim editor

Tags: Vim editor command copy operation edit mode position Ctrl Expand CtrThree modes of VIM: Command line mode, edit mode, extended mode1: Common operations in command line modeDeleteA): DD deletes the cursor as it moves forwardb): NDD delete n

VIM Snippet Plugin ultisnips use tutorial

Tags: Develop set problem yourself HTTP cal sequence character \ nBlog OriginalInstallationUltisnips plug-in installation is divided into two parts, one is the ultisnips plug-in itself, the other is the code snippet warehouse. In general, the

Vim Common operation

Label:Vim filename Edit a fileIn general mode by yy is copied meaning (copy the current line), press YY before the corresponding number key is to copy the cursor line to the specified line, and then press p pasteIn general mode by DD is deleted

Use Vim shortcut keys in Visual Studio

Tags: com items Red Reference detail HTTPS Board Oar RKEVsvim Download Link:Https://, close Visual Studio, install, open vs, adjust shortcut key conflicts.Tools, Options->vsvim,

Record several commands that vim often uses

Tags: line number blog Strong edit delete move write inux processingVi/vim Basic Use MethodThe VI Editor is the standard editor for all UNIX and Linux systems.$ vim 1.txtOpen a file with VI directly into the general mode (this is the default

VIM Basic operation

Tags: att very content ack Direction PAC technology 9.png CommonI have heard the following jokes about VIM: The best way to randomly generate a string is to get the novice out of the Vim editor. It can be seen that people who have just

VIM Multi-file Multi-window function

Tags: technology PNG uses ash between commands to synchronize a useMulti-file editingMany times, we need to copy the contents of a file into the B file. If we use two vim windows to edit two files, the pasted content cannot cross the window.Enter

[Linux] VIM Common shortcut Keys 2

Tags: style class c ext a fileHow to use Macvim1. Outside the Insert mode Basically, you should stay in the insertion mode as little as possible, because VIM is like a "dumb" editor in insert mode. Many novices will always stay in the insert mode

Automatic completion of VIM Python code under Linux

Tags: strong http str mod let variable Linux after OCAOne, vim python automatic completion plug-in: pydictionYou can implement the following Python code auto-completion:1. Simple python keyword completion2.python function Completion with parentheses3

Don't think of vim as a Python text editor anymore! Use this!

Tags: function blog jpg nbsp. com window pytho hint shellMany people say that Vim is the best code Editor, regardless of the language, but with Python exceptions, the Python shell comes with a code editor.How to use: Open the Python shell:

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