The magic of "Windows Phone" CollectionViewSource

Tags: html ril reg www class panel xmlns list memberWhen binding collection data in Windows Phone, it is sometimes necessary to have hierarchical data, usually in the form of master-slave attempts to display. The usual approach is to bind the data

Count Windows Phone Seven Deadly Sins (the process is very detailed, the review is very exciting, but mainly because it is too slow, the ecological can't keep up, too greedy, manufacturers do not want to promote)

Tags: email business sharing cheap girls different. NET Life scopeOnce dreamed of similarities walk the world, look at the prosperousYoung Heart is a little frivolous, now you cosmopolitanThe girl who once made you feel bad, now has no traceI

BEGINNING sharepoint& #174; Development 9th Chapter--client object Model and Rest APIs overview Windows Phone

Tags: nbsp ext windows Class POI object int article netBEGINNING SHAREPOINT? Development 9th Chapter--client object Model and Rest APIs Overview windows Phone and. NET managed code and JavaScript csoms, the Csom library for Windows phones and Silve

Windows Phone store picture database notation

Tags: ret date hone Val value set this his pictureByte[] _diseaseimage;[Column (DbType = "image", UpdateCheck = updatecheck.never)]//Ensure that the image does not go wrong when it exceeds 8KPublic byte[] Diseaseimage{Get{Return (byte[])

Windows Phone Panorama view

Tags:alt   div   width   one    pictures     init   site    view    span    <listbox name= "listbox_new"

Click events in Windows Phone ListBox

Tags: Technology share stack img Container Select font = = Tag txtFront desk<listbox x:name= "ListBox1" margin= "6" ><listbox.itemtemplate><datatemplate><grid Margin= "15" Tag= "{Binding ImageID}" tap= "Post_click"

Windows Phone Development (19): Three-dimensional perspective effect

Tags: how angles relate to exercise ability why one nbsp ExpressThe three-dimensional effect can also be called perspective effect, so I simply call three-dimensional perspective effect. Less theoretical knowledge, direct use case opening bar,

Windows Phone Development (18): Transformers Nineth season

Tags: how hot site orm Fill rectangle off COM translateTransformation is not a good understanding of the concept, not to scare you, it involves a lot of knowledge about algebra, geometry, and linear algebra. How? Scared by my words? Don't be afraid,

Windows Phone Development (20): When MediaElement and VideoBrush work together,

Tags: how many wrap read static false graphics MP4 Stack windowSo many of the controls are "static", are "dumb", today, do you have any interest in the study, can be "vivid" and simple operation of the control? If so, please come with

Windows Phone Development (15): Resources

Tags: text lock back present texts grid repeat gradient SEMMovable type printing is one of China's "four big Inventions", after the invention of movable type, he quickly found a problem, with the increasing number of printed materials, to use more

Windows phone Development (22): Initiator and selector bingmapsdirectionstask

Tags: cat shanghai device src Convert media system put RosFrom today's development, we start a new journey, the next lesson we should be familiar with the initiator and selector, in fact, the two are the same, there is no fundamental difference, the

Windows Phone Development (21): Make a simple drawing board

Tags: using res eric Mic amp gets nim very backWhat we're going to talk about today is a control--inkpresenter, a control that's not very powerful, and it's not likely to be used in real-world development compared to InkCanvas in WPF, but let's get

Windows Phone Development (1): Introduction

Tags: why contains computer failed iphone cost high recommended user spanWindows phone is a Microsoft company developed mobile phone operating system, here is not much introduction, and android,iphone like running on the smartphone, I believe

Windows Phone Development (6): Handling Changes in screen orientation

Tags: phone run control Reg Horizon Text BRE Technology assemblyWe all know that smartphones can be rotated to change the display direction of the screen, more time, for the screen direction of change, we have to do the appropriate processing, for

Windows Phone Development (7): When Good master rudder

Tags: home textbox gif Click ROM his needs new CTIAfter blowing the page about the topic, today we will talk about how the page is navigated, in more cases, our application will not have only one page, there should be N, as we do desktop application

Windows Phone Development (4): Frames and Pages

Tags: design mouse SDK Activity direction no BSP oriented compilerBefore I do, I would like to correct a small problem before I said in the first article that the Chinese version of Visual Studio Express for Windows phone is not Simplified Chinese,

Windows Phone Development (11): Common Controls (bottom)

Tags: font effect implementation IMA Development Lin Radio Height listMost of the WP controls can be inherited from Silverlight, and I can only take part in the demo, and for other controls, refer to the SDK instructions and the Silverlight SDK

Windows Phone Development (5): Interior decoration

Tags: example understanding positioning Range Panel Stack button line--Why is it called interior decoration? Oh, actually said is the layout, specifically, is in a page, you how to put your control, how to manage them, you say, like we just moved

Windows Phone Development (3): The piece is not moved, the first view of the global

Tags: windows private simple how new speed window attach otherBefore WP development, as with other development technologies, we need to understand the life cycle of a WP application simply, we do not have to understand, but at least we need to know

Windows Phone Development (10): Common Controls (top)

Tags: orange size orm gif set Family Game inheritance tuningWindows phone controls have several sources, like traditional desktop application development or Web development, with controls that are provided by default and those published by

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