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Through JS automatically hide the mobile browser address bar implementation principle and code _javascript skills

Everyone through the phone with a browser to open Baidu, Taobao, after loading the homepage, will automatically hide the address bar above the page, coupled with these sites for mobile browsers to do optimization, at first glance, it is really

Apache Web Optimization and Security optimization (page compression; Web cache; Web page anti-theft chain; hide version information)

1, web compressionThe speed at which a website is accessed is determined by a number of factors, including:1) Response speed of the application2) network bandwidth3) Server Performance4) network transfer speed to and from the client, etc.The most

TIPS: how to hide your IP address on the Internet (1)

In some occasions (such as when posting a forum), some netizens want to hide their IP addresses to avoid IP addresses being written down. For security reasons, they do not want others to know their IP Addresses During QQ chat ...... But how can I

How to hide email addresses on a Web page-network security

If you post your email address on the internet, a lot of junk mail will be brought in soon. This is because spammers, who use programs to search email addresses online, will be added to their release list once they have been searched, and spam will

What is URL forwarding and creating multiple Web sites with one IP address-Host Header Method

What is URL forwarding? URL Forwarding is a special value-added Domain Name Service provided by Chinese enterprise resources for domain names registered with Chinese enterprise resources. This service is set through special technologies of

Summarizing Web Data Mining technology tutorial

First, data mining Data mining is an advanced process of using computer and information technology to obtain useful knowledge implied from a large and incomplete set of data. Web Data mining is the development of data mining and the application of

Eight ways to hide CSS elements

ObjectiveSummary: This article describes in detail the seven ways to hide elements in a Web page with CSS. Original Blog address: from the hidden elements Featured Columns && book topics: Front-end attackers (know) && front-end attack

Yii2 simple address beautify and hide index.php

Purpose: I just want to get rid of the index.php?r= in the browser address bar.Add the following code to the ' components ' =>[ in/config/web.php:1' Urlmanager ' = [2' Enableprettyurl ' =true,3' Showscriptname ' =false,//Hide index.php4 //'

Mobile Front End: Hide the address toolbar on your phone

When moving the front-end interface, we'll see the Address toolbar, which doesn't look like an app, so how to hide the address bar, here is a more appropriate code, support for iOS and Android. /*! Normalized address bar hiding for IOS & Android (c)

NAT address translation and Port multiplexing Pat

What is port multiplexing dynamic address Translation (PAT) Introduction Configuration instancePort multiplexing (ports address translation,pat) refers to changing the source port of the outgoing packet and transferring the port Swap, that is, port

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