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IBM Blockchain blockchain Open source project Hyperledger/fabric first experience __ Blockchain

1. Configure the application demo marbles of the Blockchain project developed by IBM to Bluemix Marbles's access address is, click the Deploy to Bluemix button and the app will be deployed automatically. BlueMix is the latest cloud product from

Use IBM Bluemix Blockchain service to develop chaincode in Blockchain network

#使用IBM Bluemix Blockchain service in Blockchain network development ChaincodeAuthor: Zhao block Chain (blockchain) technology, the biggest feature is [to centralize management, no Server], all decisions by the majority of participants to reach [consensus] after the decision, the benefit is

Brother even blockchain getting started tutorial sharing blockchain POW Proof code implementation demo

iterated until the hash value is valid. In our case, a valid hash value is a minimum of 4 leading 0. The process of finding the hash value to meet the appropriate conditions is called mining.The following code is given:Version GolangPackage Mainimport ("bytes" "crypto/sha256" "FMT" "Math" "math/big")//Preamble 0, difficulty const TARGETBITS = 8type Pro ofofwork struct {block *block targetbit *big. Int}func newproofofwork (Block *block) *proofofwork {//Set 64-bit full 1 var inttarget = big. Newi

Blockchain getting started tutorial ethereum source code analysis ethereum random number generation method 2

randomisation. Q: Why use all values of all participants instead of their subsets? A: The rules for selecting a subset are deterministic, so participants will try to collect the specified set location in various ways. If they succeed, they will know the random number generated from the subset in advance. If the rules for selecting a subset are random, the real randomization problem still exists. Q: Where does pledged dues go? A: It will be donated to a charity, or randao to maintain funding. Q:

Brother even blockchain starter Tutorial EOS source Analysis (2) Run

. start_npnode.shafter the command is run, you can get the following log output:Launched Eosd.See Testnet_np/stderr.txt for EOSD output.Synching requires at least 8 minutes, depending on network conditions.If you want to understand the specifics of node run and synchronization, you can run the following command to view:Tail-f Testnet_np/stderr.txtWhen connected to the public network environment, the node first needs to synchronize the existing blockchain

Blockchain tutorial fabric1.0 source code analysis blockfile block file storage 1

the file transaction pointer ???? Gettxlocbyblocknumtrannum (blocknum uint64, trannum uint64) (* filelocpointer, error) // obtain the file transaction pointer ???? Getblocklocbytxid (txid string) (* filelocpointer, error) // obtain the file block pointer ???? Gettxvalidationcodebytxid (txid string) (peer. txvalidationcode, error) // obtain the transaction verification code based on the transaction ID} // code in common/ledger/blkstorage/fsblkstorage/blockindex. Go6.2. blockindex struct The bloc

Blockchain getting started tutorial ETH accounts and Basic Units

(10000000000000000, "Ether") 2. "0.01" The basic unit of ether coins the smallest unit of ether coins is Wei, which is also the default unit of the command line. Then, every 1000 coins are entered into one unit, which is 1 in sequence. kwei (1000 Wei) 2. mwei (1000 Kwei) 3. gwei (1000 mwei) 4. szabo (1000 GWEI) 5. finney (1000 Szabo) 6. ether (1000 Finney) is simply 1 ether = 1000000000000000000 Wei (that is why we transferred 0.01 etherecoins in the previous chapter, but the results show a lon

Brother blockchain getting started tutorial ETH source code analysis p2p-udp.go source code analysis ()

Brother blockchain getting started tutorial ETH source code analysis p2p-udp.go source code analysis () The Network Discovery Protocol of P2P uses the kademlia protocol to process node discovery of the network. Node search and node update. Kademlia protocol uses UDP protocol for network communication. Read this part of the code. We recommend that you first look at the introduction of the kademlia protocol i

Blockchain tutorial Ethereum Source Analysis Core-state Source Analysis (ii)

, which is unexpectedly because log is actually stored in the blockchain and is not stored in state trie, the State provides log processing, using several functions based on the following. Strange is not to see how to delete the information inside the logs, if not deleted, should be more accumulated. TODO Logs DeleteThe prepare function is executed at the beginning of the transaction execution.The Addlog function is executed by the VM during the execu

Brother even the blockchain starter to master tutorial Basic development through the interface query XRP coin situation

Package Mainimport ("Errors" "FMT" "Math" "StrConv" "Strings" "" " Grequests ") Const MIN = 0.000000000001func isequal (f1, F2 float64) bool {if F1 The effect is as follows:Brother even the blockchain starter to master tutorial Basic development through the interface query XRP coin situation

Blockchain tutorial Btcpool Mining pool Source Code Analysis Stratumserver module parsing

() ???????? Lastjobsendtime + kminingnotifyinterval_ ???? {???????? Sharedptr. Rbegin ()->second;???????? Sendminingnotify (Exjob);????}}Jobrepository::jobrepository (const char kafkabrokers,???? Const string filelastnotifytime,???? Server Server):Running(true),Kafkaconsumer(kafkabrokers, Kafka_topic_stratumJOB, 0/patition/),Server(server), Filelastnotifytime(Filelastnotifytime),Kmaxjobslifetime(300),Kminingnotifyinterval(+),//Todo:make as config argLastjobsendtime(0){???? ASSERT (Kminingnotify

Brother even blockchain tutorial Open-ethereum-pool mining pool Source Code Analysis Unlocker module

Brother even blockchain tutorial Open-ethereum-pool Ethereum mine Pool source Analysis Unlocker moduleOpen-ethereum-pool Ethereum Mine Pool-unlocker moduleUnlocker module ConfigurationJson"Unlocker": {????" Enabled ": false,????" Poolfee ": 1.0,????" Poolfeeaddress ":" ",????" Donate ": True,????" Depth ": 120,????" Immaturedepth ": 20,????" Keeptxfees ": false,????" Interval ":" 10m ",????" Daemon ":" http

Blockchain tutorial btcpool source code analysis slparser

',earnBigint (20) not null default '0 ',created_atTimestamp null default null,updated_atTimestamp null default null,Unique keypuid_hour(puid,hour),Keyhour(hour)) Engine = InnoDB default charset = utf8; Drop table if existsstats_workers_day;Create Tablestats_workers_day(puidINT (11) not null,worker_idBigint (20) not null,dayINT (11) not null,share_acceptBigint (20) not null default '0 ',share_rejectBigint (20) not null default '0 ',reject_rateDouble not null default '0 ',scoreDecimal (35,25) not

Blockchain tutorial fabric1.0 source code analysis MSP member relationship service provider 2

, mspid string) Error // load the local mspfunc getlocalmsp () MSP from the specified directory. MSP // retrieve MSP. newbccspmsp () Create bccspmsp instance func getlocalsigningidentityorpanic () MSP. signingidentity // getlocalmsp (). getdefaultsigningidentity () // code in MSP/MGMT. go Func loadlocalmsp (DIR string, bccspconfig * factory. factoryopts, mspid string) error code: Conf, err: = MSP. getlocalmspconfig (Dir, bccspconfig, mspid) // obtain the local MSP configuration and write it to M

Blockchain tutorial ether Source Analysis Accounts Package introduction

process to write dead or randomly generated parameters into the JSON file, that is, the above fileCreate the core code of the account: (Accounts.keystore.keystore_passphrase.go)The Encryptkey method inFuncencryptkey (Key key,authstring,scryptn,scryptpint) ([]byte,error)Where key is an encrypted account, including ID, public private key, addressAuth is the password entered by the userSCRYPTN, is the n in the scrypt algorithmP in the Scryptp,scrypt algorithmDerivedkey, err: = Scrypt. Key (Autharr

IBM's X-usax Tutorial sax tutorial

Source: IBM Tutorial Download SAX is what. The standard used to read and manipulate XML files is the Document Object model (Doc object model,dom). Unfortunately, the DOM method involves reading the entire file and storing the file in a tree structure, which can be inefficient, slow, and resource-intensive. An alternative technique is simple APIs for XML, or SAX. SAX allows you to

The Docker practice tutorial based on IBM Bluemix

the container). Clicking on the Advanced option will show the apps that have been created on your personal Bluemix center, and selecting the corresponding application can be bound to the container.The larger picture is as follows:Last step, click Create! Bluemix automatically configures your container and binds your application as required. Final run interface results view:You can see the private ip/public IP that the container runs, as well as the ports used, the applications/services that are

Basic tutorial for SQL coding Optimization for IBM DB2 database: classic edition!

The following articles mainly introduce the basic tutorial of SQL coding optimization for the IBM DB2 database. The importance of such a specific query is that the more important the query is, you may need to optimize indexes by creating indexes. If you are coding the query that the CIO is running every day, make sure it provides the best performance. Therefore, it is important to create an index for this s

IBM Websphere Message Broker (MB) Tutorial Series-(2) Create broke

: input Broker name, the corresponding queue manager name, and the executable group name, and then press finishto start the creation. after the creation is complete, the new the Broker will appear below the Brokers , Create from command line create Broker su–wbiadmin mqsicreatebroker MB_ Sample_broker-iwbiadmin-a wbiadmin-q mb_sample_queue start Broker mqsistart mb_sample_broker executiongroup mqsicreate

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