java 6 update 20 32 bit download

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Ubuntu12.04 (32-bit) the whole process of installing Oracle11g (32-bit)

Ubuntu12.04 (32-bit) Oracle11g (32-bit) Installation Process 1. Update the system to the latest: sudoapt-getupdatesudoapt-getdist-upgrade2. Install the dependent package required for Oracle:

Fedora16 x86_64 install the android Development Environment (64-bit requires 32-bit Runtime Library)

1. Install jdk1.6 Set Environment Variables Execute vim ~ on the terminal ~ /. Bashrc   Set Environment Variables Export JAVA_HOME =/usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.5.0 _ 20 Export JRE_HOME =/usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.5.0 _ 20/jre Export CLASSPATH =.: $ JAVA_

64-bit Apache deployment for the Unigui application

Deploying Unigui ISAPI modules under 64-bit Apache1. Establish a Unigui program2. Write simple content in the program3. Add 64-bit program compilation options, select 64-bit Windows in the list, and then compile the program4. Next is the

Build the Android environment on the Ubuntu system and download apk from Google Play

Build a fully command-line Android build system Step 1 Installing JDK environment With the Android JDK it's best to use the official JDK version instead of the open JDK, and here's how to install JDK 1.7 under Unbuntu. The code is as follows:

Vivid java 8-evolution of java 8

I recently learned new features of Java 8. First, install Java 8. Java 8 is easy to install in windows 7, but windows XP Java 8 is not officially supported. If you install Windows xp, the following error is reported: Unable to locate the program

Luo niuwen 2. Download, compile, and install the latest Android source code on Ubuntu

After reading the previous books, I have a certain understanding of Linux kernel and Android. Do you want to compile your own Android source code? I am always used to using Windows, but Android source code does not support compiling on Windows.

How to implement the volatile keyword in Java

The original address, reproduced please indicate the source, thank youObjectiveWe know that the role of the volatile keyword is to ensure that the variable in the multi-threaded visibility, it is the core

Coreseek quick installation

Before installation, we recommend that you check the source code package description readme. For version 4.0/4.1, refer to version 3.2 for installation. The steps are the same. For problems, see the detailed installation instructions. # Download

Cocos2d-x cainiao intern study win32 program porting to Android

1. First, you must know what you want to download !!! 1. eclipse download 32-bit (Official Website) Eclipse c ++ Version Download file =/technology/epp/downloads/release/indigo/SR2/ 3. android SDK directly

Java UUID generation

  GUID is a 128-bit long number, which is generally expressed in hexadecimal notation.AlgorithmThe core idea is to combine the machine's Nic, local time, and a random number to generate a guid. Theoretically, if a machine generates 10000000

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