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Senior App customization company must focus on enterprise user experience

affect the overall project development progress.3,APP customization can bring users efficient post-maintenanceIn fact, we can find that the development of an app product is not very difficult, the difficulty is in the latter part of the maintenance and upgrade,Apicloud platform as the domestic senior APP Customization Company, very focused on user experience, Fo

Mobile app designer experience sharing: App user experience design

Article Description: practical experience Sharing: How to make app faster! Did the design blink also more than 4 years, from 2011 from the Web designer to mobile phone app designer; The recent work is not very busy, and then calm down to read some of the Internet's development trends to make up for their own shortcomings in this (because most of the

Communication is the job of user experience designer

Guide: A good designer does not only have excellent design ability, for communication is also a lot of designers must master skills, whether it is web design or user experience, communication is the main way we communicate ideas and design ideas with customers. No matter what the design is, if the customer is rejected because of the last incomprehensible, then it

App designer must know: Ten principles of user experience!

If you want to stand out from the many products, success, in fact, the most important breakthrough point is to seize the user's experience, or to seize the user's heart, or a bold breakthrough in the layout of the interface, or do a few people are concerned about the subdivision of the field, or let people have a real life of intimacy and so on, But all this comes from inspiration and skill in the design of life.1, flowchart is the basis of all workIf

Website User Experience designer happy and miserable

Are you an interactive designer? Tell me, what do you do specifically? Did I do a website design? It doesn't sound professional enough. I do Web design, it sounds ... You are the interface ... Well, I reluctantly accept, but still will be very not give up: in fact, we do not only interface, we also plan to use the process, to study the user in order to achieve the goal to complete the task, simplifying th

Five things a good user experience designer should do

This article is translated from blog Usability Counts, translator @c7210. The original author, Patrick Neeman, is a user experience designer who works for the social recruitment company Jobvite as user experience Director. In the text, the author puts forward that "real

Google user Experience designer on Google's top ten design principles

At a lecture, Jon Wiley--google's "UX Designer" (User experience Designer) mentions Google's top ten design principles. 1. useful (useful): Focus on the user, pay attention to their life, work and dreams. 2. Quick (Fast ): Try to save every millisecond. 3. simplicity (Simp

4 UX documents required by a user experience designer

When it comes to user experience-related documentation, wireframes and prototypes are undoubtedly among the most important. But it's worth noting that the user experience covers more than that, and they're just the beginning. In fact, we found that there are also four documents that are extremely useful in everyday

App designer must know ten principles of user experience

1, flow chart is the basis of all work Even a simple app should have a thoughtful flowchart to make sure it has a logical and reasonable navigation structure. The other thing is to make sure that the core features are on the top of the screen, rather than being buried under a multi-tiered navigation element.   2, designers must clearly grasp their own division of Labor Every detail created by a designer can be made vivid by a developer. The impact

User Experience Designer

1. Learning to do the interaction is learning how to be a man, the internal cultivation determines the height of your future.2. Accumulate your own professional knowledge and read more articles on the design website.3. Focus on being able to develop your own thinking and ideas.4. More research on some good products.5. Interest--literacy--thinking--Skills6. Find an internship or a formal job, accumulate project experience (

User Experience Designer: Sketch prototype combat skills

Article Description: Clutter in the art-sketch prototype combat skills. Five years is fleeting, the last weekend in his little nest; watching the house and mood are packed almost, the whole person is finally cold fever diarrhea collapsed down, this is what? Fortunately, some days before this week can take some time to do this translation, today hair off first. For the next two months, it's probably time to focus on the translation of an iOS book by concentrating on amateur distraction

Sketch tools to help you become a better user experience designer

Adaptive path All rights reserved Author: Adaptive Path Translator: UCD translation GROUP, JUNCHEN Original address: thing that should have been obvious, I mean, if you use the right tools, it's quite simple to draw a sketch.I don't go skiing in tennis shoes, but I often pretend that I can use crayons, quill pens or leftover pencil heads to paint an industrial-grade effect. Oh, that's stupid. Only recently did I realize

Four skills you must learn to be a senior interactive designer

Want to be a senior interactive designer? Only "understand the business" and "solve the problem" can not constitute your core competitiveness, today this article Ali designer, from the book, ingenuity, extension, thinking four aspects, to help you reflect more of the value of the workplace, to collect. Hong Ying: "Problem solving" is a lot of people to the defin

Senior web Designer 2500-4000

Senior web Designer The position was edited in 2009-8-3.Guangzhou Web Search Network Technology Co., Ltd.Work location Guangzhou city, Guangdong ProvinceNumber of recruits 1Age requirement below 27Gender requirements are not limitedNo education requirementsProfessional requirementsExperience requires 1 yearsTreatment Monthly Salary 2500-4000Release date 2009-8-1Expiration Date 2009-8-16Job descriptionRequir

Senior Designer: How to make a good action game

of time," he said. ”These are very natural reactions, horror and adventure games in which players explore the world and put players on active positions, but he says, "but essentially the opposite." The challenge for developers, however, is that "if these actions persist for a long time, or if the time is too short, the game becomes more difficult", Platinum is very cautious about the duration of the game, and also takes into account the rhythm of the game.How to design an action gameAccording t

Tencent Game Senior Designer! 5 tips for moving a small screen design

Editor's note: Mobile device is now one of the main network browsing, how to do a good job in the interface of gold and the user experience is a lot of designers headaches. Today Tencent game senior designers combined with years of experience + several popular app interface, summed up a small screen design 5 practical

Senior Web designer Guangzhou

Senior web DesignerPublish the Life Element magazine of the enterpriseWork location Guangzhou city, Guangdong ProvinceNumber of recruits 1Age requirement 22-32Sex requires maleHigher education requirements SpecialistProfessional requirementsExperience requires 2 yearsMonthly salary NegotiableRelease date 2009-4-22Expiration Date 2009-5-22Job Description 1, responsible for large-scale portal site interface, theme pages, fash advertising design and prod

Interview experience and experience of a senior student

As a senior student, I interviewed a lot of units, there are successes and failures, but for me all of the failures in a sense is a success, especially I wrote the following, writing this article, I have signed a software company in Nanjing, But think of the February 21 this year I interviewed the experience of the IT company in Suzhou, Taiwan, we are now learning how to program some of the situation I real

Interview experience and experience of a senior student

As a senior student, I interviewed a lot of units, there are successes have failed, but for me all the failure in a sense is a success, especially I write below these, when writing this article, I have signed a software company in Nanjing, But think of February 21 this year I interviewed Suzhou Taiwan's IT company's experience Lenovo we now learn some of the situation of programming I really have feelings,

The thinking mode of the designer: Agile Experience Designer's thinking mode

Article Description: Agile Experience designers have 5 modes of thinking. We have a Hong Kong designer buddy, the overall wearing culottes, Nike Airforce Collector's Edition, one openings is: full force body (mentality) I intend to turn into thinking mode. What he means is that designers need a different mindset. I'm thinking about the question: what kind of thinking mode does an agile

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