sql state hy000 error code 0

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MySQL database ab master-slave replication error and resolution process

MySQL database ab master-slave replication error and resolution process First, MySQL master server error Description:slave_io_running=no,slave_sql_running=yes,last_errno=0 MySQL Slave stop; MySQL slave start; MySQL show slave status; If Slave_io_

[SQL chapter -- DATABASE/EVENTS], -- databaseevents

[SQL chapter -- DATABASE/EVENTS], -- databaseevents[SQL chapter] [SQL statement sorting: -- Based on MySQL5.6] [sorted: DATABASE/EVENTS] [will be improved] directory:1. Data Definition Statements:1.1 create database, alter database, show databases 1.

Solve MySQL use Gtid master-slave replication error problem

Do MySQL master and slave will certainly encounter a lot of synchronization problems, most of them are due to machine downtime, restart, or the primary key conflict caused by the server to stop work, here specifically to collect similar problems and

Table 'xxx' ismarkedascrashedandshouldberesponred Error

These things are all found from other places to solve the MYSQL database error method, does not necessarily apply to the miracle database, just for reference, the specific solution still needs to be explored. These things are all found from other

Mysql Too connector connections error solution

The cause of this problem is:The number of connections exceeds the value set by MySQL. It is related to max_connections and wait_timeout. The larger the value of wait_timeout, the longer the idle waiting time for the connection, which leads to the

Table 'xxx' is marked as crashed and shoshould be retried red error solution reference

Or any of these methods can be applied to the database. I do not have a conditional test. If I have a conditional test, it is expected to solve the problem that the database reports this error. Preventive measures: 1. Make sure to back up the

MySQL variable list

Server system Variables (System variable)The MySQL system variable (systems variables) refers to the various system variables of the MySQL instance, which are actually some system parameters that are used to initialize or set the database to occupy

Problems During MySQL Installation

✓ MySQL-test-5.6.12-2.linux_glibc2.5.i386.rpmMySQL-shared-5.6.12-2.linux_glibc2.5.i386.rpmMySQL-embedded-5.6.12-2.linux_glibc2.5.i386.rpmMySQL-c 1 decompress MySQL [root @ localhost test] # tar-xvf MySQL-5.6.12-2.linux_glibc2.5.i386.rpm-bundle.tar

The method of setting the SQL query timeout (about timeout processing) _mysql

In order to optimize the Oceanbase query timeout setting way, special research mysql about timeout processing, the record is as follows. Copy Code code as follows: Mysql> Show variables like '%time% '; +----------------------------+----

Problems During MySQL Installation

Problems During MySQL installation 1> decompress MySQL [html] [root@localhost test]# tar -xvf MySQL-5.6.12-2.linux_glibc2.5.i386.rpm-bundle.tar MySQL-test-5.6.12-2.linux_glibc2.5.i386.rpm MySQL-shared-5.6.12-2.linux_glibc2.5.i386.rpm MySQL-

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