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Go New features for Swift 3

Label:Wen/mango_to (author of Jane's book)Original link: http://www.jianshu.com/p/dc80e290806fObjectiveSwift 3 will meet with you later this year, which will bring huge changes to the code level for swift developers.If you haven't recently followed

What's new in Swift 3

Label: Original: What's New in Swift 3?Ben MorrowTranslator: Kmyhy Swift 3 will be withdrawn in the second half of the year, and it has brought many changes for swift programmers.If you don't pay close attention to the Swift Evolution

New features for Swift 3

Label:Original: What's New in Swift 3? , Ben Morrow, translator: kmyhyThe Swift 3 will be launched in the second half of this year, bringing a lot of core code changes to swift developers. If you're not looking at the Swift Evolution project, you

Swift vs. Objective-c: 10 Reasons to watch Swift in the future

Label:It's time to develop apps for iOS and Mac OS x using the easy-to-use, comprehensive swif language.While programming languages are not so easy to fade away, the development team that insists on the fading paradigm is doing so. If you are

The future development of Swift language

Tags: programming language keyword expression expressive developer1. Swift easy to readAs you can expect in a C-based language, OBJECTIVE-C has all the warts. To differentiate between the keyword and the type of C, OBJECTIVE-C uses the @ symbol to

The Apple upstart Swift before the world This Life

Label: absrtact: As a 70后 programmer, Chris has invented LLVM, Clang and Swift, what have you done? Last week's business trip, this article has not been completed several times, often lying on the bed on the sleeping past. The weather

How to install swift and vapor on Ubuntu 16.04

From: Install Swift and Vapor on Ubuntu 16.04 Introduction Swift is a programming language developed by Apple, characterized by fast, secure and modern, and it has a large community that supports language. Swift is primarily used to develop iOS and M

"Turn" OpenStack object storage--swift

Tags: Swift OpenStackOpenStack Object Storage (Swift) is one of the sub-projects of OpenStack open source cloud computing projects, known as Object storage, providing strong scalability, redundancy, and durability. This article describes swift in

Apple launches the new programming language Swift Introduction and introductory tutorials _ios

First, what is Swift? Swift is Apple's programming language in WWDC 2014, quoted by the Swift programming language: Copy Code code as follows: Swift is a new programming language for IOS and OS X apps that builds on the best C and obj

12 sets of swift learning resources to share

Label:Although the OBJECTIVE-C programming language has been the base language for iOS app development for a long time, and many iOS developers love it well, the swift programming language has rapidly developed into a language that is popular with

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