. NET, the identifier, the keyword, and the. The naming conventions in net

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1. keywords

C # defines some keywords (public/static/void/class/int/string) that are used to form the basic syntax of C #.

The blue word in VS is the key word.

The Main, String, console, and so on are not keywords. And just. NET class Library provides a number of methods, properties, etc... In theory, if you don't reference these libraries, there's no such stuff.

2. Identifiers

Identifiers are used to name classes, methods, variables, and so on.

Naming rules (legal level, non-compliance On error):

1) consisting of letters, Chinese (not recommended), numerals, underscores;

2) cannot begin with a number;

3) cannot be a keyword.

4) C # language is case-sensitive: Demo and demo are two things;

Industry norms (moral constraints, non-compliance may be scolded, but will not error)

1) Hump naming method: Capitalize the first letter of each word.

2) The method name, class name, property name, and the first letter of each word are capitalized.

3) field name, variable name the first word in lowercase, followed by a word to capitalize.

4) The field name, (especially in the entity class) begins with "_" and the first letter is lowercase. such as _classname

5) interface name, usually beginning with "I", sometimes ending with "able".

. NET, the identifier, the keyword, and the. The naming conventions in net

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