. NET 15 Anniversary Happy Birthday (March 7 release Visual Studio 2007 official edition? )

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Today is the 15 anniversary of. NET's debut in the world. February 13, 2002, the first version of. NET Publishing is part of the Visual Studio.NET. It was as if it had built a "next-generation Windows service" for Microsoft yesterday, allowing Visual Studio.NET to reach a new level of productivity.

Starting in 2002,. NET enables developers to quickly build and deploy applications and easily develop Windows and Web server applications. Built for you a distributed Windows application provides an entire managed framework that provides ASP. NET and new languages as a next-generation Web service, and C # (pronounced "see sharp":-)) was born.

Over the years,. NET and its ecosystems have grown and expanded to meet the needs of all kinds of developers and platforms. When the technology outlook has changed, but because there is. NET. You can create anything with. NET including cross-platform web apps, cloud services, mobile device applications, games, and more. We have a vibrant open source community where you can participate in a variety of. NET-side discussions.

The official version of Visual Studio 2017 will be available on March 7 and the 20 anniversary of Visual Studio

, a new version of. NET Core cross-platform. Welcome to listen to, watch live and q&a on the message board on March 7.

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. NET 15 Anniversary Happy Birthday (March 7 release Visual Studio 2007 official edition? )

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