. NET streams-using streams for file copying

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Like various file streams in Java, network streams are similar, and there are various types of streams in. Net. The primary purpose of a stream is to interact with the files or data sources outside the application. The base class is stream, defined under namespace System.IO;

One, single-use stream for copy-once writes

First we build a test file on the desktop and write something:

after that is our code:

#region use stream for one-time copy//create a file stream object (parameter one: Specify the location of the file, parameter two: enumeration value, specify how the operating system opens the file; parameter three: Indicates the intention to open the file; Note the second parameter and the third parameter should be used with caution)                Stream Source = new FileStream (@ "C:/users/v-liuhch/desktop/streamtest.txt", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read); byte[] buffer = new Byte[source.            Length]; Writes the file data to a byte array (parameter one: An array of bytes to be written; parameter two: used to set where the file starts reading; parameter three: number of bytes read) int byteread = source. Read (buffer, 0, (int) source. LENGTH);//The return value is the number of bytes read//foreach (var b in buffer)//{////Console.writeli     NE (convert.tostring (b, 2));//binary////console.writeline (convert.tostring (b, 10));//decimal// Console.WriteLine (convert.tostring (b, 16).                ToUpper ());//hex//}//console.readkey (); Writes a file to the StreamTarget.txt using Stream target = new FileStream (@ "C:/users/v-liuhch/desktop/streamtarget.txt"                , FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write)) {    Target. Write (buffer, 0, buffer.                Length); } source.            Dispose (); #endregion

Note If you do not use the using, do not forget Dispose.

Second, cyclic batch replication

In order to test this code, it is recommended to find a larger file what drops.

#region Cyclic Batch Copy                /* Issue background:                     pass a larger file;                 *   the size of the file is not known in advance, such as reading the network file;                 *   The above cannot create a byte[] array of exactly the right size , which can only be read and written in batches at a time, reading only a subset of bytes until the end of the file;                  *            /int buffersize = 10240;//10kb            using (Stream Source = new FileStream (@ "C :/users/v-liuhch/desktop/sherlock.wmv ", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))            {                using (Stream target = new FileStream (@ "c:/users/v-liuhch/desktop/sherlockcopy.wmv", FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write))                {                    byte[] Buffer = new Byte[buffersize];                    int bytesread;                    Do                    {                        bytesread = source. Read (buffer, 0, buffersize);                        Target. Write (buffer, 0, bytesread);                    } while (Bytesread > 0);                }            }            #endregion

PS: It is recommended to use using;

The way to take a split reading of large files is still relatively scientific, similar to the principle of uploading large files.

. NET streams-using streams for file copying

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