. NET, PHP, JSP which is the mainstream language choice of the future? Which is good for SNS?

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Which is the mainstream platform for the future? Before it was windows, then the Web, then the phone, and then later?
Objective C If it weren't for Apple, we wouldn't have noticed it. In the future, why must be in. NET PHP, JSP these three? Can't it be a new language? At that time everybody thought: Microsoft is so ox, follow it, learn. NET certainly is right, think this words to now also wrong how much, just, Google said to give it life to leather----who do not represent the future, all a change in the present, Apple is not to engage Nokia, Google is not being Does Facebook scare you.

Don't pull this question, practice your own internal strength, embrace change, don't want to say "language is a tool, thought is the right path."
The first question does not want to answer, this is the Aunt Post
The second problem, the web is obviously more flexible in the eyes of the hammer, all things are nails. Let the users of various languages have the problem of which language has the future so impracticality, of course, all speak of their own language is the balm, all kinds of longevity, a variety of advantages. But, think of no, each language designer is for some simple purpose to design a programming language to complete the specific needs, in this case, discuss which language more future obviously a bit excessive, out of the actual meaning.

Do not matter, the key is to see which language resources more, labor costs are language-related, open source code is also rich or not language-related, so you need to compare these resources to seek a compromise solution. Practice is the real truth ah. Learn a language, then learn another door, it will become very simple! So learn a door! and expand the rest! I am also a beginner, first learn a simple, conducive to start and build confidence! Just PHP! As for the future of what language will become mainstream is not important, the important thing is how a person master the future! No one can be sure that's going to be the protagonist! In case of another / http php.net It! Well done now! To be invincible! All right! When I didn't answer! Each has its own scope of application, if from the whole software industry, should not have the so-called mainstream language, the division of language will be more and more clear, each has its own scope of application.
As for the Internet application of the front desk, PHP advantage is relatively large. Because it's lightweight for fast iterative development of Internet products (well, PHP is not light now)
PS: This problem is a bit like learning a year or two of programming children's shoes asked questions, the landlord is just beginning to learn programming? or old problem, language is not a problem, the focus is on tools

1, Uchome
Development language: PHP database: MySQL
Uchome is a relatively well-known open source SNS Community system, written based on PHP and MySQL. Uchome has a relatively complete SNS function, very good stability and extensibility. However, the current uchome has stopped updating maintenance.

2, near (Spacebuilder)
Development language:. NET database: Sql+mysql
Near (Spacebuilder) is a well-known open source SNS Community system, based on / http ASP MVC is written to support SQL and MySQL database with good stability. Nearly (Spacebuilder) SNS function is complete, the application module is rich and has the mobile client, can realize the social networking website and the mobile side to build very well. Regular two-time development training It is also a good way to learn to develop.

3, Thinksns
Development language: PHP database: MySQL
Thinksns is another well-known open source SNS Community system, written based on PHP and MySQL. Thinksns mainly in the microblog function, has a good entertainment characteristics, but can not be customized.

4. Diary Dog
Development language: PHP database: MySQL
Note Dog is an open source microblogging system, written based on PHP and MySQL. Note Dog has a complete micro-BO system core, and has a certain characteristics of SNS.

5, Dolphin
Development language: PHP database: MySQL
Dolphin is a popular SNS Community system in foreign countries, written based on PHP and MySQL. Dolphin can integrate YouTube, MySpace, Odeo, Flickr, Match, and Facebook. Dolphin is available in many modules and can be customized. To let more people accept and use to become the mainstream, people also say, do also do, simple introduction, free supply, a large number of product chain composition, just PHP now meet these, the future Python will become mainstream I do not know, but the next two or three years PHP will still be the mainstream. As for. NET and JSP, I would like to continue to show a half-dead state, at most warm (. net/jsp programmer to spray on it, I also feel paranoid point). Do SNS regardless of which kind you use, will use is the most important. I think if a lot of big head companies are in use of things will certainly have the future of the market, they will be based on the software cycle when the maintenance and update, extend the life of the language, as long as the user will have a future!
If it is a novice to open the best medium of the future, go to the recruitment site, look at the language of the recruitment of more than a clear picture of Bai!
The mainstream is not the language but the direction of development, the first is WinForm, followed by the Web, is now mobile applications.
Choose the development direction, with what tools that is the right thing. Agree with Lin Jinxin, . The idea of learning to focus on programming thought theory is more than just in the tool itself
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