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Powerbi update frequently, has a little more than the rhythm, has been in the attention and learning, some basic operation is probably no problem, more important is to pay attention to the power query,m function, as well as the use of Dax, this is the core.

Last month I looked at some of Dax's syntax and formulas and found it to look simple, but in fact it was very powerful, so I wanted to get a tool to try it like writing code.

Of course it can be done directly in power BI desktop, but it all feels weird until I find Dax Studio.

Originally want to download directly to use, the results found not very easy to play, so from beginning to end to read the document, by the way summed down.

If you don't know Dax or don't know it well, follow the blog and the public number, I'll tidy up DAX-related knowledge later.

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1.DAX Studio Introduction

Dax Studio is an open source tool written in C # that writes, executes, and parses Dax query expressions in Power bi,power pivot analysis.

Dax is the soul of Powerbi, so the advent of Dax studio greatly simplifies the learning and usage costs of DAX.

Dax official website: http://daxstudio.org/

installation package Download: http://daxstudio.org/downloads/

GitHub Address: Https://github.com/DaxStudio/DaxStudio

2.DAX Studio Installation

The installation of DAX requires. NET Programmable Support (PIA), so if the system environment is not complete, it is easy to install not on, inexplicably.

Note: DAX Studio supports Excel 2010/2013 only, so if you have 2016 friends who want to try it, you can install it separately. Here is a brief introduction to the complete installation procedure.

2.1 Office PIA Support

Office PIA (Office Primary Interop) is the "tag" during Office Setup. NET programmable support "Why do you need this stuff?"

Because Dax studio is a plug-in that uses C #, which is equivalent to Excel, a friend of VSTO should know that this is a must and a headache in developing test deployments (especially in the previous Ghost Xp+office 2003, where deployment drives people crazy, Should be perfected a lot now).

As shown in, when you install Office 2013, select, Customize, and then select tags in the Office tools. NET programmable support ", such as:


Once the installation is complete, you can download the installation package for Dax studio to install.

Note that if Excel 2013 is already installed, but you have not previously selected, you can open the control sheet, uninstall or change the program, locate Excel 2013, right-click, and choose Change, which will reopen the installer for repair. Of course if you install the package is no longer, it is tragic, it can only uninstall reinstall it.

2.2 System must components

Some other components are also required for installation, but these components can be checked automatically during the installation process:

1..Net Framework 4.5

2.SQL Server version of ADOMD

3.SQL Server version of AMO

For example, when installing DAX studio, select the component and put the last tick on it:

You will then be prompted to download the missing components of the system for installation, select Yes:

Then is the long wait, if the download fails, do not be afraid, continue to try several times can:

3.DAX Studio Features

DAX Studio can be used as a plug-in in Excel 2010/2013 and is a standalone program that provides some features:

1. Elegant user interface: Flexible layout, Support tab, imitation Office Raibbon control,

2. Integrated tracking, query plan tracking, server timing tracking

3. Function metadata, smart hints, Meta data panel, model meta-data

4.DAX Studio Related Resources

1.DAX Official website: http://daxstudio.org/

2. installation package Download: http://daxstudio.org/downloads/

3.Github Address: Https://github.com/DaxStudio/DaxStudio

4.BI Zorro, Getting Started with Dax query: Dax Studio Introduction

5.BI Zorro, Power BI DAX Ultimate Tuning janitors

6.BI Zorro, DAX query Advanced: driving Dax Studio

. NET Platform Open Source project quick glance (+) Power bi artifact Dax Studio

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