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Code generation (generated automatically)

    • Nvelocity
    • Codesmith
    • X-code. NET
    • Xgof-nmatrix/deverest

Compilation (Compilation tool)

    • Extensible C #-Resolvecorp
    • Mono
    • Dotgnu-gnu

Obfuscation (obfuscated encryption)

    • Lsw-il-obfuscator-lesser Software
    • Demeanor for. Net-wise OWL
    • Salamander. NET Obfuscator-remotesoft
    • Salamander. NET Protector-remotesoft
    • Il-obfuscator-9rays.net
    • Deploy.net-jungle Creatures
    • Dotfuscator-preemptive Solutions (Lite version included in Visual Studio 2003)
    • Xenocode-oak Vale Networks
    • Thinstall-jonathan Clark

Decompilation (anti-compilation)

    • Salamander. NET Decompiler-remotesoft
    • Anakrino
    • Reflector Disassembly Tool

Object browsing (Objects Browse)

    • . NET Reflector-lutz Roeder
    • Lsw-dotnet-reflection-browser-lesser Software
    • . NET Component Inspector-nogoop Software
    • Object State Browser-jeff Key

Refactoring (refactoring tool)

    • C # refactoring Tool-. NET refactoring
    • C # Refactory-xtreme Simplicity

Regex Test (regular-expression debugging)

    • Regexworkbench Regular Expression Debugging tool
    • regulator203.dotnet.1.1 Regular Expression Debugging tool

Persistence and Data-related code generation (data persistence layer and data-related code generation)

    • Olymars (SQL Server centric. NET Code Generator)
    • Llblgen-solutions Design
    • . NET n-tier Framework Generator-gavin Joyce
    • Entity Broker–thona Consulting
    • Kickstarter.net
    • Tierdeveloper-alachisoft
    • Sp/invoke
    • Data Tier Modeler (DTM)
    • Pragmatier Data Tier Builder
    • Orm.net-olero Software
    • . Net Persistence-netica
    • Objectspaces-microsoft
    • Sisyphus Persistence Framework
    • Objectz.net–mongoose Solutions
    • Visible developer–visible Systems
    • NHibernate
    • Objectspark–firestar Software
    • Bamboo.prevalence
    • ADO Powertoys-the
    • Database to. Net-nantronix Software
    • Xheo.enterprise-xheo

RAD tools-application Development Automation (rapid development tool)

    • Deklarit-artech
    • Dataphor-alphora
    • Compilex-atlantis DB Software

Model driven Architecture (models-driven architecture)

    • Constructor ()-Dot Net Builders

MODELING-UML (modeling)

    • Rational XDE-IBM
    • Visio-microsoft (part of Visual Studio. NET Enterprise Architect Edition)
    • Visual Case-artiso
    • Powerdesign11-sybase Company produced

IDEs (development environment)

    • Visual Studio. Net/vs2003/vs2005-microsoft
    • SharpDevelop-a free development environment and open source
    • Primalcode-sapien
    • ASP. NET Web Matrix-microsoft
    • Improve C # Plugin for Eclipse-improve

Builds (

    • NAnt
    • Slingshot
    • Draco.net
    • Cruisecontrol.net
    • finalbuilder–atozed Software
    • Buildit-microsoft
    • Visual Build Professional-kinook Software

Testing (Test/Unit test)

    • Nunit
    • Nunitaddin
    • Nunitasp
    • Csunit
    • . NET Mock
    • X-unity–miik LTD.
    • Harnessit–united Binary
    • Silkperformer. NET Explorer-segue
    • Test.net-parasoft

Code Validation-standard verifiers (Codes check)

    • Fxcop-microsoft
    • Doteasy

Profiling-monitoring-performance Testing-optimization (Performance testing, testing, optimization)

    • Nprof
    • Application Center Test-microsoft (part of Visual Studio. NET Enterprise Editions)
    • DevPartner Profiler-compuware Corporation
    • DevPartner Studio-compuware Corporation
    • Aqtime. Net-automatedqa
    • Rational Quantify for WINDOWS-IBM
    • . NET Memory Profiler-scitech Software AB
    • Allocation Profiler (source)-Microsoft
    • ANTS profiler-red Gate Software
    • ANTS load-red Gate Software
    • Aspnetwatchdog-aspnetwatchdog
    • Optimizeit Profiler-borland
    • VTune Performance Analyzer-intel

Documentation-code commenting (automatic document Generation)

    • NDoc
    • Documentor for. Net-lutz Roeder
    • Visual Studio. NET Help Integration Kit-microsoft
    • Vb. DOC
    • vb.net XML Comments Creator-fesersoft
    • vb.net XML Commentor-tor-erik Hagen
    • Teegofer-steema Software
    • Codereview-macadamian Technologies

Frameworks (Application framework)

    • Mere mortals. NET framework–oak Leaf Enterprises Solution Design
    • Odyseus-radical Technologies

MVC (Model View Control)

    • Maverick.net

AOP (aspect-oriented programming)

    • aspectc#
    • Weave.net

Code Versioning-source Control (versioning, configuration management tools)

    • Visual Sourcesafe-microsoft (part of Visual Studio. NET Enterprise Editions)
    • SourceGear Vault-sourcegear
    • Sourceoffsite-sourcegear
    • SourceOffSite Collaborative Edition-sourcegear
    • Jalindi Igloo
    • Ankh
    • Accurev

Localization (software program localization tool)

    • Enterprise Localization Toolkit-microsoft

Reporting (Reporting tools)

    • Activereports-data Dynamics
    • Crystal Reports-crystal Decisions
    • Report Sharp-shooter-9rays.net

Page templating (template engine)

    • Page Template Generator-paul Wilson
    • Xheo.webtemplate-xheo
    • Xheo.webskin-xheo

Scripting (Shrink master script/scripting engine)

    • Alintex Script Host-alintex
    • DOTNET Scripting Host-holger Schwichtenberg
    • Toolsack DotNet Script host-toolsack Software

Installation (Installation production)

    • Installshield-installshield
    • Wise for Visual Studio. Net-wise Solutions
    • Setupfactory

Others (Other tools)

    • Page ViewState parser-paul Wilson ViewState Parse View tool
    • Formbuilder.net-dan Wahlin Form Creation
    • Regexdesigner.net-chris Sells
    • Quickcode.net-development Expertise
    • Cassini Web server-microsoft Small Web server
    • Web. config Editor-hunterstone
    • Xheo.licensing-xheo Authorized Production

. Netchajian

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