0428CSS: Style, selector, font

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CSS style Sheets
|-three types of methods introduced
|--inline style
|----Label interior (space style)
|--inline style
|----|--style of the outer Union
|----<link rel= "stylesheet (style sheet)" type= "Text/css" href= "CSS file path"/>

<!--outreach Style (link: contact)--><link rel= "stylesheet" type= "Text/css" href= ""/>
<!--inline (style: style, style)--><style type= "text/css" ><!--inline--><div style= "" ></div>

|-selector (Find way)
|--id unique, through # Lookup
|--class can be duplicate and pass. Find
|--< tag name > through < tag name > find (<DIV>/<SPAN>: control all Div/span tags)
|--parallel selection through, lookup (can be side-by-side control of different types of:id,class,<div>,<span>)
|--descendants choose to find through spaces (only control the style of descendants)

/* The pound sign # stands for id*/#weiyi {}/* selects the element *//* id= "Weiyi". Represents class*/.kechongming{}/* Select All class= "kechongming" elements *//* direct control via tag name */div {}/* Select all div*/span{}/* Select All span*//* side-by-side selection, add between elements, */#weiyi,. kechongming,div,class,span{}/* Spaces Select Descendants */#houdai div{}/* SELECT ID = All div*/.houdai_ in elements of "Houdai" span{}/* Select all houdai_!--selectors span*/<--><div "id=" in all elements of class= "Weiyi" >< /div><div class= "kechongming" ></div><div class= "kechongming" ></div><div class= " Kechongming "></div><div id=" Houdai "> <div></div> <div></div> <span> </span> <span></span></div>

|-size Width: width height
|-Background Background-color COLOR
|-Background image
|--background-image:url ("") Picture path
|--background-size: Picture size
|--background-repeat:no-repeat Deleting the default tile

/* Style size and background */#beijingtupian {margin-top:10px;  width:200px;  height:200px;  border:1px solid red; Background-image:url (.. /..  /xiaomi/disanhanggundong.png); background-size:150px,100px;/* Background size */background-repeat:no-repeat;/* background tiling style */}<!--style--><!--size and background-- <div style= "width:200px; height:200px; "></div><div id=" Beijingtupian "></div>

|-fonts (font text)
|--font style font-family (Microsoft Black, arial, italic, etc.)
|--the size of the font font-size
|--font Format Font-style
|--the weight of the font font-weight
|--Color of font
|--Add line text-decration to font:

/* Font style */span{font-family: "Microsoft Jas Black";  font-size:16px; font-style:italic;/* Font italic */font-weight:bolder;/* font Bold */text-decoration:line-through;/* strikethrough (through: through) */color: Orange;} < styles for!--fonts--><span> font styles </span>

0428CSS: Style, selector, font

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