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The world is full of innovation, and the passion and determination to develop is a key factor in achieving higher goals. In web development, there is no doubt that tools and available online Web pages and app design resources have played an important role. Below we will bring some of the best tools for websites and apps. 1. Powermockup This is a wireframe and mock-up toolkit for PowerPoint that integrates more than 800 user interface elements. It's like a vast icon gallery, and the icons are specifically developed from PowerPoint shapes. These elements are very easy to use, so even novice users can create prototypes for desktop, Web, and mobile apps. Best of all, all of these screen prototypes can be designed from the PowerPoint interface. Official website: http://www.powermockup.com/

2. actiTIME This is a time-tracking software that can be used in a friendly and convenient way to track time and look like a popular timesheet. A time frame that is not filled or empty is displayed by automatic notification. It also displays notification of task deadlines, showing the details of tasks that have been completed over time. Official website: HTTPS://WWW.ACTITIME.COM/3. Wufoo an important task when developing a Web site or application is the design form, for example, they need to meet some reasons. These reasons include surveys, feedback, sharing of personal data, etc. The form can be simply designed by dragging the desired property and putting it in the correct position. Wufoo is solely responsible for the database and architecture, as well as the main aspects of other forms of support.

Official website: http://www.wufoo.com/

4. Betheme Betheme is the ultimate solution for getting a cross-browser compatible widget and high-resolution Web site. It offers over 180 pre-designed templates and 20 excellent heading styles. Not only that, it is also compatible with popular tools such as Gravity Forum, WooCommerce and Events Calendar, and so on. Muffin Builder can help develop powerful Web sites and provide simple management through the admin panel.

Official website: http://themeforest.net/item/betheme-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/7758048

5. Unsplash can you imagine a website without pictures? Of course not, thousands of words than a painting, the picture can be more descriptive to define the relevant products or Web site-oriented services. Unsplash is a free software with a large number of high-resolution images. 10 images are available every 10 days after subscribing to this free software. This free use of resources to develop websites and applications can add more creativity and customization capabilities.   Official website: https://unsplash.com/   6. Flat Icons We are very familiar with the icon, because there is no icon, any website and app are not complete. Icons not only make access faster, but also increase the visibility of apps and web resources. Flat icons offers a range of high quality icons that not only look new and chic, but are easily tailored to the needs of each designer. Icons have esp,png,svg and AI file formats.   Official website: http://flat-icons.com/ 7. Jupiter Business WordPress Theme Jupiter Business WordPress Theme v5 not only faster than before, but also looks more beautiful and features more sharp. Eye-catching headlines, gradient icons, sophisticated Google fonts, new forms of style, excellent page selection, themes provide something even more than users expect. Jupiter also helps designers, entrepreneurs and freelancers to have an efficient online presence and increase conversion rates for accelerated sales graphs.  8. Cloudcart Cloudcart provides the ultimate online resources to develop skilled ecommerce sites in just a few clicks. All you need to do is use the ID to register yourself. Users can choose from a large number of pre-designed templates, which can then be sold online. The trial version is available for 30 days and provides 24x7 technical support. User-centric dashboards and marketing tools, as well as search engine-friendly templates, make this site and app design resources more scalable.   Official website: https://cloudcart.com/ 9. Swissuplabs after several years of research, the new Magento extension became more efficient and greatly improved the conversion rate. Use this powerful resource to improve and optimise website sales. Modules merged into Swissuplabs have been optimized by professional developers and industry programmers, especially for Magento, to improve the sales experience. Official website: HTTPS://SWissuplabs.com/  10. Actiplans Actiplans is a time-off management software that can effectively help manage leave requests, rejections and approvals. Users can use this platform to apply for sick leave, and administrators can use the live interface to reject or approve vacations. With this mobile-based platform, both employees and executives can become active and instant.   Official website: https://www.actiplans.com/  In addition to these best resources for website and application development, many other online media are available and free of charge. All you need to do is take advantage of these resources to make the site more functional and attractive.   the original address; http://www.websurfmedia.com/10-best-tools-for-websites-and-apps-development-ever/

10 best Web sites and app development tools

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