10 completely free web page prototypes (wireframe) tools

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The wireframe of the Web page is very intuitive, but there are no technical difficulties. You just have to figure out some of the elements you need on the page, such as the head, navigation, footer, and so on, with a few interactions, content areas, and so on. But this is important for the development of any Web application. Of course there are many ways to do this, the simplest is to pick up paper and pens, but in this article we are going to introduce some very efficient and useful online prototyping tools, and they are completely free.

Lumzy Rapid Prototyping Tool

With Lumzy you can create a prototype for your app and add some interactive events. With it, you can create popup boxes, interact with page navigation, add external links, and more. He provides a great platform for team collaboration design and communication, and he is completely free.

Mockup Builder Killer Prototype tool

Mockupbuilder recently released, it is worth looking forward to. He has a lot of features: UI models, interactive wireframes, page layouts, client prototypes and even site maps and screen navigation.

Of course, it's also very powerful for communicating with customers and team members. And he's all free.

Tiggr co-production of prototype drawings

Tiggr's idea is to give you all the resources you need to make the final draft. You can design a lot of elements and then share, and other collaborative users will help you make the corresponding HTML/CSS code to achieve the fastest generation. Take 10 seconds to sign up and you'll be able to enjoy this free stuff.

Frame Box Lightweight prototype online production

Framebox doesn't have a special feature. You can drag and drop, set the size, copy and paste these UI components, but his feature is that you can easily get your prototypes done easily by dragging and dropping them. Want to use this lightweight free tool, also need to register.

Simplediagrams free version (Adobe Air App)

Simplediagrams is a very small Adobe AIR program that allows you to implement your ideas very easily. Drag and drop components, add pictures or notes, export PNG images are his features, by adding some small features to achieve a very good prototype.

IPhone Mockupiphone Prototyping

In the iphone mockup you can use pencil mode, or you can use the Chart mode editor. Whatever you choose, the functionality is the same, and it's easy and easy to build an app prototype on your iphone. You can also share to others, even if you change the design, others through the link also can be seen.


Fluidia is an online, but downloadable, rich user Interface prototyping tool. It is based on an object-oriented concept that allows you to quickly refine. It is designed with the basic idea that any member of the team, whether designers or engineers are free to design their own prototypes. The recent Fluidia update is a little bit slower, but it's still a very good wireframe tool.

Pencil Projectfirefox Plug-in

Pencil Project is a prototype interface-designed Firefox plugin that allows you to create a linked document and output it as an HTML file, PNG, OpenOffice document, Word document, PDF, via its built-in templates. What else is there to say? Such a good plug-in is a must for every designer and developer.

Cogtoolwin mac Apps

Cogtool is a powerful prototyping tool that differs from other tools in that he can automatically evaluate your design based on human cognitive models. You can make a description and click on the Evaluation button by clicking on some icons, a button, and he will evaluate the human cognitive model of your design, and he will tell you how long it takes for the average person to understand your intentions. Cogtools has a lot of user-led documents, there are many tutorials, the forum can also let you quickly grow up.

Prototype Composer

Prototype Composer allows you to see how the site works before the actual code is written. Previous countless text portals, complex data structures, and low-tech UML diagrams make it easy for you to collaborate on a seemingly running program.
The community version is free and allows you to do a sample program with a user-defined project.

Dub–denim (cross-platform application)

Denim is a cross-platform desktop program. His own introduction is an informal tool to help with early web design.
He has a lot of ideas from paper and pencil design prototypes. You can quickly draw sketches to ensure that important features take precedence. But unlike a paper-and-pencil sketch, he can also have interactivity and animation.

10 completely free web page prototypes (wireframe) tools

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