10 factors for outstanding front-end development and 10 factors for excellent development

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10 factors for outstanding front-end development and 10 factors for excellent development

0. Master the basics

Integration is the key to success for any job in any industry. A person who wants to become a good programmer must have a solid foundation. Understanding the core concepts will help you design and implement the most perfect solution in the best way. If you feel that you cannot grasp the core knowledge of computer science or a programming language, it is not too late to review the basics.

1. Start labeling the code you have written (how to do and what to do)

I found that there is a clear line between a good programmer and a common programmer. A good programmer is eager to learn more about what each line of code has done and how to implement it. A small group of people must understand every line of code. I know that when the time is very short, we often don't follow this principle, just write some code and know that it implements the required functions. How to deal with this situation is another topic, but as a programmer, we often need to explore it as deeply as possible. Believe me, over time this will become a habit, and then you will do this without knowing it.

2. To help others, you can learn more

Many people share a common feature. They seek help from forums or groups only when they need help. The difference between excellent programmers is that they often browse forums to help others. Compared to solving problems with others' help, they help others to learn more. The same is true for a team, helping others solve problems and gaining more. Believe me, understand others' problems, think about and finally provide solutions. You will learn more than you have learned before.

3. easy-to-understand and logical code

Just as the KISS Principle (keep short and concise) applies to all aspects of life, it also applies to programming. Write logic code as much as possible to avoid complexity. Sometimes people write complex code only to demonstrate their ability to write such code. My experience tells me that simple and logic-rich code is very good, with fewer problems and easier extension. I remember one sentence:

Good code itself is the best document. When you want to add comments, ask yourself, "How can I improve my code so that you can understand without writing comments ?"

4. Spend more time analyzing problems and you will spend less time solving problems.

Spend more time understanding and analyzing problems, and then design a solution. You will find that the rest is easy. Design does not mean to use modeling languages and tools, but simply look at the sky in your mind. Those who start coding when they encounter problems tend to eventually deviate from their needs.

If you cannot clarify the entire program structure during the bath, you are not ready to start programming. -Richard Pattis

5. become the first person to check your code

Although it is a little difficult, try to modify it before others modify your code. Over time, you will write code with almost no bugs. Do not hesitate to let others check your code. Working with other excellent programmers and accepting their opinions can help you grow into a good programmer.

6. Don't get lost in the fast changing technology world

In the IT industry, I often see many people who are dissatisfied with their current jobs and even leave IT to pursue new jobs because they want to learn the latest technologies. Every day, we hear about new tools, interfaces, and frameworks, making programs simpler and faster. This is common in the technological world and will always be the case. However, the fundamental and core technological changes are much smaller than those of those frameworks, tools, and interfaces. Like the sea, the sea is on the surface, but it is quite calm in the depths of the sea, where it is the place where aquatic life lives. So place yourself in the depths of core technologies. For example, in Java Enterprise applications, a new framework will appear every week, but the core technology remains unchanged, such as client-server-side requests and MVS mode, filters/servlets/JSP, data source binding, XML parsing, and so on. Therefore, it takes time to learn core concepts, rather than worrying about the emergence of ever-changing frameworks and tools. Believe me, with the foundation of core technologies, you will find it easier to learn new frameworks, tools, and interfaces.

7. Emergency plans will not last for a long time

In many cases, software engineers adopt contingency plans (which may be due to insufficient time, incomplete understanding of problems, or lack of experience ). However, this often results in code chaos, lack of scalability and maintainability, and later wasted more time. Please start implementation after you know the entire solution. I know that emergency plans are inevitable in some cases, as if you should tell the truth, but you have to lie in some cases.

8. Read the document

Reading many documents is one of the essential habits of excellent programmers. It may be the product manual, JSR, API documentation, tutorials, etc. Read the document to help you get the necessary basic knowledge and write better code.

9. You can learn other people's code

I have been familiar with some excellent programmers who keep keeping the JAVA source code in the IDE and read and view it frequently in my daily work. They not only satisfied their desire for knowledge, but also learned how to write excellent programs. Read and view the code of open-source code or later programmers that you think are reliable, and you will write better programs. (Extended reading: Reading excellent code is a shortcut to improve developers' Practice)

Finally, what I want to say is not listed above: Do not compare it with others.

Comparison with others often results in negative emotions and unhealthy competition. Everyone has his strengths and weaknesses. It is important to develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses. I also often see some very low-level errors for programmers who have excellent foundations. So just compare it with yourself, list the areas you need to improve, and continue to improve it. Programming is very interesting. Enjoy it.

A fool can write programs that computers can understand, while a good programmer can write programs that others can understand.

A good programmer is a person who looks at both sides of a one-way street.

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