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2013 quietly leaves and 2014 has come to us. At The beginning of last year, The Next Web predicted The ten major trends in The Web design field in 2013, as shown inResponsive design, typographical importance, blank area design, and social network integration. What new developments will this field face in 2014? The Next Web also makes predictions. The following is the prediction result of the 10 Web design trends in 2014 provided by the website.

1. More distinctive typographical fonts, no longer boring

In typographical layout, the font position will become more and more important, which is one of the top ten predictions in 2013 and has been well verified. In 2014, fonts will continue to play an important role in typographical layout and develop in a more personalized direction.
Distinctive Font types


The so-called "personalized font" refers to the fonts designed by the designer to replace standard fonts (such as Serif and San-serif ). Nowadays, many designers are looking for and designing some special fonts to enhance the personalization and uniqueness of their designs.

For example, Stuff & Nonsense new website. This website can use any old-fashioned Serif font, But it chooses a beautiful Serif font that makes it more professional and personalized. We look forward to seeing more websites abandon simple and over-used fonts in 2014, and look for and use more personalized fonts.

2. Flat Design

Last year, Apple predicted that it would shake its anthropomorphic design (Skeuomorphism ). The release of iOS7 brings about the so-called "flat design", which discards the shadow and gradient effects and makes some elements visually upgraded.

For a long time, Apple has been leading the design trend. Anything it does will attract the world to follow. Soon after the release of iOS7, many websites with a "flat design" style will be launched every day. Not limited to 2014, we believe that this trend will continue in the next few years.

3. Large background images will quickly replace carousel Images

If you ask what is the most important Web design trend today, I am afraid it is.

Large hero areas is a term borrowed from a printed design. It contains a small amount of text and images at the top of the website. Many websites now use large background images. This trend will continue to exist in the next few years. Currently, large background images are quickly occupying the original position of carousel images.

Some large background images are centered on the big title, with simple and fuzzy images as the background, while others are well-designed illustrations (such as the large background images displayed on the Realtii.com website ). As a new focus, large background images are quickly replacing carousel images and will be designed more and more creative.

4. More focus on mobile user experience

Now responsive Web design is becoming more and more common, and websites are getting closer and closer to our mobile life experience. Designers are trying to keep the website functional normally on mobile devices. developers are also trying to make this happen so that more and more devices can access the Web, more and more users can use their mobile phones to access the Web.

Integrating social media, providing email subscriptions, viewing websites down with a scroll bar, and quickly loading website content can enhance the user experience of mobile Web and make it more friendly.

5. Videos Replace text

If you can watch videos, people generally do not read text. On the entire website, especially the large background image area, you may first browse videos. Even new popular devices such as Coin are using video content in the large background image area.

Videos are easy to create and spread on websites and social media. Although it may be questioned that videos consume a lot of resources during loading and playback, they should not be placed on the homepage of the website, especially on mobile devices and the Internet with traffic restrictions. Video is a good choice for spreading technologies and new things that cannot be clearly expressed in words.

At the same time, many video services, such as YouTube, can track the number of viewers and help better design content for websites.

6. Long scrolling web page

We are used to reading and searching content through scrolling pages. Now, with more and more design technologies used by websites, such as adding blank areas and responsive Web design, long-rolling websites have begun to emerge.

A few years ago, we often saw long scrolling pages filled with a lot of content. Today, the content on this page has been reorganized to make it easier to read and understand. Taking the Macaw website as an example, the content structure of the website is clear and it is also a long scrolling web page. It does not seem boring, because the layout of the entire website has been adjusted, so that most users only focus on the content during browsing, rather than care about how long it has been rolled down.

7. Simple Color Scheme

In 2014, we will see more websites adopt simple color schemes, which are simple to adopt only one or two colors.

Taking UIKit as an example, the website uses only one color: Blue (in the design art field, black and white are not regarded as colors and are neutral ). The use of a simple color scheme seems to be in sync with the flat design, but it is not absolute. The web site uses a lot of blue in the overall design, which is the only color you see.

Some published websites even give up the use of colors. Black, white, and colors between the two become popular color schemes, sometimes adding other colors, such as red, to increase the dramatic and influence of the website. Correct use of the color scheme will help attract users' attention.

8. Simple content

2013 seems to be the year of "content is King. In 2014 and the future, simpler content will still take an important place in our website design process.

The so-called simple content, that is, the simplified summary of the content, such as the message style in Twitter. In the past few years, designers have abandoned long text content, but have provided highly summarized content to shorten people's focus on time. In addition to blog posts, we seldom find that content in a certain area of the website contains more than 250 characters, which facilitates quick browsing and reading,

9. Discard the sidebar

This is mainly for blog and magazine-style websites, but many of these websites are trying to stop using the sidebar. There are two advantages: first, obtaining better visual effects, and second, facilitating responsive Web development.

Imagine: you are reading a neat, pleasing-looking article that does not interfere with any other information. Designers try to create a more pleasant reading experience by removing content that disperses users' attention and scalability. This is a very popular change and a trend that users expect to continue.

10. trim the image

It is easy to put an image on a website, but it is a little difficult to make changes to it. In 2014, we will see more images with color overlays, filter effects, blurred images, and other effects after being corrected using professional PS tools such as Instagram.

For example, the company uses a processed big image in the large background image area. This figure shows an antique and rural style experience that matches other content on the website.

Crazy, emotional, and cool design style

We hope this trend will never expire. We hope to see more new design elements in the Web field in 2014, such as the dynamic use of different parts of HTML5 websites. Just as the Tobi's Story website adopts a cool display method. We like cool things and prefer it.

Via: The Next Web

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