10 reasons why foreign programmers love to use Apple Mac computers

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Macs are popular abroad, especially in the design/web development/IT staff circle. Ordinary users like Mac can understand, after all, Mac design beautiful, simple and easy to use, no virus. So why do professionals have a unique passion for Macs? From the experience of personal use I would like to have the following reasons: 1, MacOS X is Unix-based this is too important, especially for developers, at least for me, which means that Unix next a bunch of useful tools can be readily picked up. If you're a Windows developer, I think you're going to install a Cygwin environment on Windows? You don't have to flex/yacc,grep,screen,ssh,make? A lot of opensource projects only provide Cygwin/gcc/make compilation environment. Mac is based on BSD Unix, all of which are built in. 2, development environment C/c++/java/perl/python/php/ruby/lisp, all kinds of shell, everything, direct support, very convenient. Would you like to develop C + + on Windows and install a visual Studio compiler? or other C + + compilers; you want to develop Java, you need to download the Java SDK, maybe a elipse or netbean; you need to use Perl to install a Perl interpreter, Active Perl? You want to Python/php/ruby, you want to install ...? Most libraries, such as libraries, image processing, video processing, AI, and so on, are supported only by Unix/linux. Mac is Unix-based, so these all work well with your Mac. 3, editor Vi/emac as programmer/IT staff a good editor is too important, because the writing program/change system configuration requires an editor. I almost 1/2 of the time on the MAC is Browser/email, the other 1/2 time is almost Vi. 4, no virus/Trojan for more than 5 years of Mac did not see what the virus grow, I also do not see the need for Mac installed antivirus software. 5, do not need to maintain Mac bought directly with, disk defragmentation? No need. Installation drive? The MAC is ready, and the driver is good. Re-install the system? I haven't re-installed it for 5 years (I changed my Mac a couple of times). 6, Simple Mac all the operations are concise to the extreme, as far as possible to avoid interfering with users, increase the productivity of programmers. For example, switch wireless network function, switch on MAC only need 1 mouse click can complete, need to click on Windows multiple mouse(including some very silly confirmation dialogs); For example, uninstalling the USB Drive, the MAC only needs 1 mouse clicks, and Windows needs to click on the bottom right icon, stop the device, confirm the dialog box and more. 7, Multi-window switch This is easy to manage open programs/documents. I often have to switch between multiple virtual windows, such as looking at a Web page/Mail window, writing a program/document window. 8, the programmer's culture foreign programmers are based on the mainstream of Unix grew up. This is different from the domestic, Chinese programmers/developers are mostly from the 90 's DOS started, with the expansion of Windows, the development of a batch of Microsoft tools to use the programmer. This also explains why Macs have grown so fast since Mac switched to the Unix camp. Once the Unix-based Mac was launched, it quickly won the attention of a large number of old Unix hacker and the new Web 2.0/linux hacker, precisely because these loyal fans influenced their networks, circles and blogs, thus affecting the entire programmer culture. A bit like Rubyon Rails, a small number of people (elite) trial, they feel good in the blog, seminars and other occasions to preach, so in the field of web development in a burst of Ruby wind. 9, Apple is cool every computer, each series are designed to perfect, from the box, brochures, advertising, power lines, computers, computer appearance, computer software are carefully designed, unified style. Even tiny to screw, look over the screws on the Apple chassis, the data cable inside the chassis? That's also the design. Every Mac is tagged with: Designed by Apple in California, not Desginedin USA, Apple is so cool, "we are a California company". Apple's secrecy measures can be said to achieve the ultimate, the product is not released on the market will not see the trace. 10, entrepreneurial spirit Apple's legendary experience has attracted a large number of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Apple/google/microsoft/amazon/ebay/yahoo represents the innovative, enterprising entrepreneurial spirit. This is not a big reason, but it can be seen as a small reason why Macs are so popular in foreign countries, especially in the US, especially in Silicon Valley, especially in universities. According to the survey of 2007 American University Mac Market share first, these university elites after graduating to work, embarked on the society, in a few years a part of the middle, into the top, how will they affect the Mac? Free to receive the lamp brother even original PHP video tutorial CD/"Detailed PHP" Essentials Edition, details of the website customer service: Http://www.lampbrother.netPHPCMS two times development http://yun.itxdl.cn/online/phpcms/index.php?u=5 Development of HTTP://YUN.ITXDL.CN/ONLINE/WEIXIN/INDEX.PHP?U=5 Mobile Internet server-side development/HTTP/ Yun.itxdl.cn/online/server/index.php?u=5javascript Course Http://yun.itxdl.cn/online/js/index.php?u=5CTO Training Camp HTTP// Yun.itxdl.cn/online/cto/index.php?u=5
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