10 useful Perl modules that network programmers need to master

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You may already know that there are many existing Perl modules on the Perl integrated collection network (Comprehensive Perl archive network, CPAN), allowing developers to efficiently complete common tasks. In particular, CPAN provides resources for network programming. It has thousands of modules, from General (server daemon) highly targeted applications (such as those that interact with Cisco routers ). Network Programming is something that most developers may find difficult, so it is worth taking some time to read the content of this article to see if you can find something that can help you complete the next project.

By listing the most interesting network programming module in CPAN (TableA). This article provides a starting point for you to browse the CPAN network programming section.

Note:CPAN WebFor help on the website, you can directlyInternetInstall OnCPANModule.


Module name


Net: Server

The routines provided by this module can create a full-featured server, which can be run as a single-connection server, or through * nixInetdThe daemon program runs. It supports many server features, such as multiplexing, branch, access control, and event processing of TCP, UDP, and Unix sockets, and is easily extended through sub-categories.

It is used when you need to create a highly custom and Scalable Server for specific needs.

Net: POP3

The routines provided by this module can use Perl to connect to the POP3 email server and process events. With this module, your Perl application can authenticate, read, and delete messages, or use predefined APIs to obtain information lists.

This module is used when you need to create a POP3-based email client.


This module provides an interface for creating HTTP clients and servers. It provides an object-oriented interface that uses Perl to send HTTP requests and interpret HTTP responses. It also supports proxy server, Cookie, HTTP authentication, content communication, and re-boot. When you need to create an HTTP client for event processing with the Web server, it is very useful.

This module is used when you need to create an HTTP client that interacts with the Web server.

Net: Socket

The object-oriented interface provided by this module is used to create, manage, and terminate TCP/UDP sockets in the Perl environment.

This module is used when you need an object-oriented interface for socket programming in the TCP/IP environment.

Net: DNS

This module provides an interface with the DNS system, allowing you to perform complex DNS queries on a remote host using Perl applications. This module also provides OOP access to different segments of DNS response.

This module is used when you need to run DNS queries, such as querying name servers and MX records, or performing regional transfer.

Net: Packet

This module provides a low-level interface for creating and transmitting network packets. You can use it to create different data frame layers and send the results to the network.

This module is used when you need to customize TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, or IPv6 data packets.

Net: fileshare

This module provides an API for creating file sharing clients and servers. The client can be interactive or fully automated.

This module is used when you need to create a server that can distribute files or create a client that can automatically download files.

Net: ftp

This module provides a packaging program for packaging the FTP protocol, making it possible to write an FTP client application in Perl. It supports PASV event processing, transmission of ASCII and binary files, and most common FTP file operations on remote servers.

This module is used when you need to upload or download FTP files through a Perl application.

Net: ymsg

This module provides! The interface of the instant messaging service enables your Perl application to authenticate, send, and receive messages through the service.

When you need a Perl-based interface and Yahoo! This module is used when the messenger user communicates.

Net: SSH: Perl

This module provides an interface with SSH1 and SSH2 Security surgical protocols (Secure Shell protocol. This module also supports password and private key verification to automatically encrypt all data and read the existing SSH configuration.

This module is used when your Perl application needs to interface with hosts protected by SSH.


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