10 Web site planning skills to make enterprise website building more reliable and simple

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With the rapid development of Internet, enterprise website construction has already become a necessary means of enterprise operation. It is very important for an enterprise to have its own official website, and it is also the foundation of an enterprise Internet strategy. Any enterprise should have a own site, this site is the company's own brand promotion, customer service, product ordering a window. Just like the telephone Book of a business, there is no web address will become the people determine whether an enterprise is a formal premise.

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Then, a company to successfully carry out the site construction, need to pay attention to what problems? Zhang Yi summed up his years of industry experience, for everyone to put forward the following 10 points:

1. Audience analysis of the website

Enterprises want to succeed in owning a website, and let this site for their own profits, first of all to understand the site is for whom to serve, our products are what, we want to understand the real needs of customers. Enterprises need to find their own positioning, different users have different needs. For example, the site of dating friends, relatively young users, fashion some, then this site design should be a trend of some, in line with the fashion taste of young people. If the purpose of building a station is to love and exchange of literature, then the proposed use of classical, elegant website form.

2. Website construction needs and marketing integration

In the final analysis, the purpose of the enterprise construction site is to profit, in order to obtain greater benefits, so when we carry out the website construction, the brand and marketing of the enterprise should be synchronized with the website planning and design design. In other words, corporate advertising and sales (the enterprise's selling point) must be in line with the design of the corporate site page, so that the ad does not seem so abrupt. The content of the website should be consistent with the Merchant's communication style. In addition, all product graphics and images appearing on the corporate website must be owned by the enterprise itself.

3. Task management

The Internet project is slightly different, but the execution of each project is required: The project manager, copywriting/editor, Graphic Designer, web Developer, of course, without compromising the quality of the work, a person can play multiple roles, and multiple jobs.

4. Determination of the content of the website

When we are ready to add content to the site, we need to be clear about what content will bring us traffic, and bring potential benefits. Here, we have to understand that the content we populate is more than just text, but also images, documents (usually PDF files), audio, video, content sources (from other websites, samples from Weibo photos), RSS feeds, and more.

5. Beautiful product pictures will make your website more perfect

People like good things, for enterprises, we can through beautiful pictures to convey to customers. Tell customers about the company's own brand story through these beautiful photos. So how to get these beautiful pictures, obviously, we can't find the product image through the network, we must add our own product picture. We may as well leave a small budget for professional photographers to take pictures of our products. If there is not enough budget to hire a professional photographer, we can also look for an amateur or contact some of the students to study photography for us to shoot. Especially college students, is very willing, because not only can earn money, but also can get some work experience.

6. The promotion content and the article content perfectly unifies, lets the user read the article time to be able to understand the plan person to advertise the thing

Marketing guru Fritz said: "Rejection is the nature of the customer." "They tend to take out flyers for sympathy, and then throw them into the trash bin without looking at them; the first thing they do when they open a webpage is to turn off the pop-up ads. In shaping the brand, in the rational and emotional use of persuasion process, the audience will become more and more involved in the degree of higher. Therefore, when we write soft text, we should be more than the other, to improve the audience involvement degree, to use the audience interested in the way to speak brand appeal.

So, how to write a suitable soft article? This requires a senior copy or editor to complete, if there is no fixed copy or Senior editor, we can spend money to ask some network writers or marketing companies to tailor the soft text for us.

7. Structure of the planning site

Design a site map and make sure that the site will have a menu structure on the page. Create outlines with bulleted lists or make them a little bit more visually with a tool like Visio.

8. Define the content of each page

Some of the pages are more easily defined, such as the company's contact page, should have a name, address and contact information. But some of the content of the page is a bit difficult to define, these require professional web design and programmers to define the content of each page, thus becoming a complete site.

Here are some of the pages you might need to design: product pages, blogs, ads, forums, documents, messages, quotes, photo galleries, search, social media sharing links (Weibo, space sharing), and more.

9. Relationship of page and content

Content on the site usually involves other content and other pages. Some of the details may be similar in multiple pages. Draw out these relationships and remember that when we change the content in one area, it may also need to be changed in another area.

10. Separating the design from the content

The design and content are interrelated but there is a difference. Some friends may not quite understand this statement. To know at the most basic stage, the website content needs the free design element. Title, meta title, page description, author, date, category, body, these are the elements that make up each article of the page. At this point, the design element is not the most important. Content should be conducive to search engine crawl, by readers and search engine preferences. These separations work with web standards so that content can be viewed on all devices. All of the text elements are separated, then the design elements can be reunited again into a good site.

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10 Web site planning skills to make enterprise website building more reliable and simple

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