101 questions and answers for RHCE (7) and 101 questions and answers for rhce

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101 questions and answers for RHCE (7) and 101 questions and answers for rhce

To make it easier for people who plan to perform RedHat certification and O & M work to learn more systematically, I have selected 101 RHCE questions and answers from the Internet. Considering that the daily learning volume is large, therefore, we extract 10 questions every day for pushing until the push is complete. I hope it will be useful to you. Thank you.

61. 1. Create a partition with a size of 300 M. mount it to/common and make it take effect permanently.
# Fdisk/dev/sda
P → n → + 300M → w
# Partprobe
# Mkfs. ext3/dev/sda5
# Mkdir/common
# Mount/dev/sda5/common
# Df-TH
# Vim/etc/fstab
/Dev/sda5/common ext3 defaults 0 0

Assume that your partition is/dev/sda5
Method 2:
1. e2label/dev/sda5 common
2. echo-e "LABEL = common \ t/common \ t ext3 \ t defaults \ t 1">/etc/fstab
Method 3:
Echo "mount/dev/sda5/common">/etc/rc. local

62. Configure the NTP client to synchronize time with the server1.example.com server.

You must complete all questions within 3.5 hours. After 3.5 hours, the system will automatically shut down!
You will notice that some conditions specify that a service is invalid for the my133t.org domain. All systems in this domain are in the network segment, and all hosts in this network segment are in the my133t.org domain; hosts in the example.com domain are in the network segment!
To install the software, you can use YUM. The YUM Source Path is:
Before you take the test, you must first obtain the permission and set your system password to rW9ySX.
Configure static address information:
IP Address: 172.24.0.X (X indicates the local ID)
Subnet Mask:
172.24.X.X stationX.example.com stationX

64. Configure the apache Virtual Host to meet the following requirements:
A. the DocumentRoot path is/var/www/virt.
B. Download the main page file from the server http://server1.example.com/pub/#.htmland set it as the home page of the virtual terminal.
Wget http://server1.example.com/pub/virt.html
Vim/etc/httpd/conf/httpd. conf
Modify the virtual directory of Row 3
ServerAdmin root@www13.example.com
ServerName www13.example.com
DirectoryIndex pai.html

/Etc/init. d/httpd restart

C. The website domain name is http://wwwx.example.com (x is the current station number)
D. Allow the user usr-2 to create files in the/var/www/virt folder
Setfacl-m u: usr-2: rwx virt/
Detects su to usr-2 creating files under virt

65. Configure the Squid Proxy Server to meet the following requirements:
Yum install squid-y
A. Change the Squid listening port to 8080.
Vim/etc/squid. conf
Change 921 rows to 8080
B. Only allow all hosts in the Local Machine and example.com to access the local Squid service.
Add a line of acl example src to the row 574
Add an http_access allow example line under row 637 (do not add it to the bottom of DENY)
/Etc/init. d/squid restart
Chkconfig squid on
Detect proxy detection in the browser

66. Configure the apache service to meet the following requirements:
Yum install httpd-*-y
A. Access the local apache service through stationx.example.com (x indicates the current station number)
Wget http://server1.example.com/pub/test.html
B. The home page path is http://server1.example.com/pub/test.html
Vim/etc/httpd/conf/httpd. conf
Modify the virtual directory of Row 3
ServerAdmin root@station13.example.com
ServerName station13.example.com
DirectoryIndex test.html
/Etc/init. d/httpd restart

67. All Hosts in hack.org are denied access to the ftp service of the local machine.
Vim/etc/hosts. deny

68. Configure the ftp service
Yum install vsftpd-y
/Etc/init. d/vsftpd restart
Chkconfig vsftpd on

59. Configure the IMAPS email encryption service to meet the following requirements:
Vim/etc/dovecot. conf
91 92 lines remove comments
A. IMAPS only provides services for all hosts in the example.com domain. The electronic certificate information used by IMAPS is as follows:
Make dovecot. pem
Dovecot. pem as required below
B. Use the default country. state. locality. organization
C. Set Organizational unit to rhce
C. Common Name is stationx.example.com (x is the current station number)
Only. the email address is root@stationx.example.com (x is the current station number)
Finally, copy dovecot. pem to the directory of line 92 of/etc/dovecot.
Cp dovecot. pem/etc/pki/dovecot/private/
Cp dovecot. pem/etc/pki/dovecot/certs/
/Etc/init. d/dovecot restart
Detect mutt-f imaps: // usr-1@stationx.example.com

69. All Hosts in hack.org are denied access to the pop3 service of the local machine.
Iptables-a input-p tcp-s -- dport 110-j REJECT
Iptables-a input-p udp-s -- dport 110-j REJECT
Iptables-a input-p tcp-s -- dport 993-j REJECT
/Etc/init. d/iptables save

70. Configure the local SMTP service so that it can accept local and external emails
Yum install sendmail-*-y
Yum install m4-y (may be installed by default)
Vim sendmail. mc
Change row to
M4 sendmail. mc> sendmail. cf
Vim local-host-names
Add stationX.example.com
/Etc/init. d/sendmail restart
Mutt-f imap: // usr-1@stationX.example.com send and receive mail Test

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