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1. Extplorer

Extplorer is a file manager based on PHP and ExtJS development. You can use it to browse files and directories on the server. Edit, copy, move, delete file. Search, upload, and delete files. Create a new file and directory. Change the permissions properties of the file.

2. control.filebrowser ( demo address )

A file Browser control developed using the MooTools framework.

3. FileManager ( demo address )

FileManager is a file manager based on the MooTools PHP implementation. Provides browse, delete, rename, move/copy (support mouse drag and drop operation) and download files and other functions. Integrated FancyUpload3 (with upload progress bar reminder) to implement file upload. When the upload of the picture is relatively large, can automatically shrink. In addition, you can integrate FileManager into the TinyMCE HTML WYSIWYG editor.

4. Dhtmlxfolders

Dhtmlxfolders can be used to show a set of objects with the same data structure. So it can be used as: File/Picture browser, product classification, etc. Provides paging, filtering, sorting, drag-and-drop, dynamic loading and other functions.

5. mollify

Mollify is a Web server file management system developed using Google Web Toolkit Ajax technology. Has a concise and customizable user interface (UI). The directories you want to publish can be configured flexibly (including setting aliases) and will not change the original structure of the file system. Support User rights authentication, you can control each user has a different directory. File upload provides a progress bar to display upload information.

6. ajaxplorer ( demo address )

Ajaxplorer is a free Ajax file Manager that is easy to install. And its layout is very rich, can be used for a variety of applications, such as: file management, file sharing, photo library, code base and so on. However, it only supports (4 Yes 5) and does not support databases.

7. Filenice ( demo address )

Filenice is a free php file browser.

8. MooTools based File-manager ( demo address )

MooTools based File-manager provides previews, uploads, and changes to files and directories.

9. File thingie ( demo address )

The file thingie is a small files manager. Written by PHP. His main purpose is to prompt a Web interface File Manager (if you cannot use or do not use FTP).

Relay ( demo address )

Relay is an extremely cow Ajax File Manager. It did a pretty good job uploading and downloading files.

KFM ( demo address )

KFM is an online file manager that can be used individually or as a plugin for some editors. such as these editors: FCKeditor or TINYMCE. KFM is an open source free project.

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