12 Book of the most influential programmers (next)

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12 Book of the most influential programmers (next)
This issue is still for everyone to introduce programming related books, the last period of books you can go to search to see, electronic or physical books can look at Ah, the following continue to introduce the other books programming, I hope for the vast number of programmers to bring the gospel.
6. "Refactoring", written by Martin Fowler of the refactoring, focuses on improving the design of existing code. This is a process that changes the software system without changing the external behavior of the code, but improves its internal structure. By refactoring, you can even recreate a bad design as a good design. This book explores the refactoring principles in depth, including where to find opportunities for refactoring and how to build the tests you need. There is also a catalog of more than 40 refactoring that has been proven in detail, including when and why refactoring is being used, and how refactoring is done, with examples of how refactoring works. This book is written in Java as its main language, but the ideas apply to any OO language.
5. Clean code "Clean Code", author Robert C. Martin, is divided into three parts. The first section introduces principles, patterns, and practical methods for writing clean code. The second part includes a number of research cases with progressive complexity. Each case study is an exercise in cleaning code, and it's a good practice to make your code sound and efficient by solving some of the problems in the code base. The third part is a decisive part: Each individual chapter contains a series of heuristic teaching methods when creating a case study. Finally, we have a knowledge base that describes how we think when writing, reading, and cleaning code.
4. "Introduction to Algorithms" This must be the best book for understanding and Using algorithms (which will involve a lot in software development). Some of the books on algorithms are rigorous, but not comprehensive-and some of them are not rigorous, although they are wide-ranging. "Introduction to Algorithms" is a unique combination of rigor and comprehensiveness. This book covers a wide range of in-depth algorithms that enable the design and analysis of the book to be targeted at all levels of reading staff. Each chapter is relatively independent and can be viewed as a learning unit. The algorithm is described in English and readable pseudo-code. It uses elementary basic explanations and does not sacrifice the depth of coverage and the rigor of the material. The first edition is not only widely used as a textbook for universities around the world, but also a standard reference book for professionals. The second edition added the chapters for algorithms, probabilistic analysis, stochastic algorithms, and linear programming.
3. Structure and interpretation of computer Programs
With an analytical and rigorous approach to problem-solving and programming techniques, the book is geared toward engineering. The Structure and interpretation of computer Programs emphasizes the central role in different ways to deal with the time in the computational model. Its unique approach makes it ideal for computer science courses, as well as programming language and program design for getting started. This book further explains the 4 most famous programming language paradigms-imperative programming, object-oriented programming, logic-based programming and application programming.
2. "Pragmatic Programmer" This is one of the first programming books I have read. It was a friend of mine who was recommended to me during my first career as a professional. I'm glad he did. Although this book was written in 1999, its concept is the basis of a pragmatic approach to the development of complex systems. Programmers are also craftsmen who are trained to use a specific set of tools (editor, object management, version Tracker) to produce a product (program) that can work in a certain environment (the operating system on a hardware component). As with any other process, computer programming also breeds wisdom, but most of the wisdom is not learned from universities or certification programs. Most programmers can only master these so-called tricks through independent experimentation and a little time of accumulation. In the book Pragmatic Programmer, Andrew Hunt and David Thomas compiled many of the truths they found in their careers as software designers and code writers.
Some of the author's practical recommendations are very specific and clearly easy to implement. They advise readers to learn, such as a text editor, and then use it in a variety of situations. They also recommend using version tracking software--even for the smallest projects--to learn the regular expression syntax and the text manipulation language. There are also many other very valuable suggestions in the book. In the commissioning section, the author points out: "If you see hoof prints, you should consider the range of horses, not zebras." That is to say, be suspicious of everything and then look for problems from the most conspicuous places. There are also recommendations for estimating time and cost, and incorporating integration testing into the development process. There are two reasons why pragmatic Programmer is so addictive: it will comb your own accumulated wisdom more clearly, and it will introduce you to working methods that you have not yet considered.
1. "Code Complete 2" Is it! This is the book I think is worth reading (please forgive me) if you want to be a good software engineer. It is widely regarded as one of the best practical programming guides, and Steve McConnell's initial code complete has been helping developers write better software over the past more than 10 years. Now, this classic book has been completely updated to the forefront of practice-and hundreds of new code examples-to revise the art and science of software architecture. Capturing knowledge systems from research, academia and everyday business practices, McConnell the most effective technologies and the principles that must be known to be clear and practical guidance. Regardless of your level of experience, your development environment, and the size of your project, this book can inspire and inspire your thinking and help you build the highest quality code.
Constantly exploring techniques and strategies that can help you:
Minimum complexity and maximum creative design
Get the benefits of collaborative development
Application of defensive programming techniques to reduce and repel errors
Leverage opportunities to securely refactor or improve code
Use the structure method for your project
Debug problems quickly and efficiently
Solve critical structural problems early and correctly
Build high-quality projects from beginning to end
The 12 books are here to complete the introduction!
If you have read these books, or have any other software developers must read the books, welcome to comment in the comments!
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The above describes 12 of the most influential programmers books (below), including aspects of the content, I hope to be interested in the PHP tutorial friends helpful.

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