14 web frameworks based on Nodejs

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absrtact : In a few years, node. JS has evolved into a mature development platform that attracts many developers. There are many large, high-traffic sites that are developed using node. js, like PayPal, which developers can also use to develop some fast-moving web frameworks. Here are the 14 Web application frameworks based on node. js, we don't ...

Over the years, node. JS has evolved into a mature development platform that has attracted many developers. There are many large, high-traffic sites that are developed using node. js, like PayPal, which developers can also use to develop some fast-moving web frameworks.

Here's a description of the 14 Web application framework based on node. JS, so you might want to come and see if there's one for you.


Primus, the creator of Transformer, is also known as the Universal wrapper real-time framework. Primus contains a lot of real-time frameworks for node. js, and they all have different real-time capabilities. In addition, the Primus provides a common low-level interface for communication between the various real-time frameworks. Primus is open source and hosted on GitHub.


Geddy is a very simple structured MVC framework based on node. js. You can use it to quickly build Web apps and JSON APIs. If you have used Ruby on Rails or PHP codelgniter, then Geddy is very similar to them. It has a restful route, template rendering, controller, and model.

Developers who want to learn Geddy can go to Fleegix to see, there is a lot of information about the use of geddy and learning materials, and this blog is the use of geddy developed.


Locomotive is a powerful MVC framework for node. JS and supports RESTFU to seamlessly connect to any database and template engine. Locomotive is built on the basis of express, maintaining the powerful and simple features of node. js.


Keystonejs is a node. JS CMS Content management platform and Web application platform based on Express and Mongoose. It can be used to quickly establish a database-driven website application, and also provides security authentication and session management, dynamic routing, automatic password encryption, form validation, automatic management interface, email sending, etc.


Grasshopper is a feature-rich and highly flexible node. JS framework that basically supports all web development features.


Dozerjs is an API and Web service designed to develop a scalable restful style to support front-end development.


Chocolate.js is a simple Web application Framework (collection) built using Coffeescript, based on node. js. Students who want to learn about the framework can get a thorough understanding of it here, and there are a number of examples.


Datachannel.io is a real-time communication Web application inspired by the Socket.io framework and implemented using WEBRTC technology. Data connections can be made directly, and data exchange operations are performed without a server.


Strongloop is an API service based on node. JS, its most famous real-time performance monitoring product called Strongops, often called nodefly. The Strongloop kit contains the three products of Lookback, Strongops, Strongnode.


UGLIFYJS is a server-side node. JS compression program that contains all the necessary tools and extensible documentation to help developers improve their code efficiency.


Derby is an MVC framework that helps to make realistic, interactive applications. Can be run in node. js or in a browser environment. Also has a data synchronization engine racer.

12.Dojo Toolkit

Dojo Tookkit is a very powerful JavaScript class library that can implement any function.


Compoundjs is a node. JS MVC framework that developers use to build a web app in minutes.


Knockoutjs is a lightweight UI class library that simplifies the JavaScript front-end UI by applying the MVVM pattern. For example, if the list data items are added or subtracted, you do not need to refresh the entire control fragment or write the JS Add or delete node yourself, as long as you define the template and the attributes that match its syntax definition. Simply put, developers need to focus on data access.

14 web frameworks based on Nodejs

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