14 years wind Road Apple imac computer evolution

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Since 1998, under the leadership of CEO Steve Jobs, Apple has created "fudge" imac G3, "table lamp" imac G4 and "frame" G5. With its beautiful appearance and powerful performance, imac has quickly won the affection of consumers and even changed the way of life of the whole human society.

Yesterday at the California San Jose Theatre, Apple released a new generation of imac machines. If there is anything special about this new product, it is not "thin". Although the fuselage is the thinnest place only 5mm, but the hardware configuration is not a bit unambiguous, so that your blood boiling.

Below, please follow the small series, to explore, imac development so far, have experienced some of the changes it!

IMac G3

Released on August 15, 1998, G3 's unique shape and pastel colors have had a huge impact on the entire PC community.

Its specifications include a 15-inch CRT monitor and a 5GB hard drive. The PC, which was priced at $1299 at the time, dumped a 3.5-inch floppy disk and got the USB standard. It also employs the 233 MHz IBM PowerPC in the basic model. Shortly thereafter, a suction-type model.

IMac G4

The birth of the IMac G4, which has 3 different configurations, means that Apple has reached another height in the midrange desktop area, with media ratings.

The "Sunflower" of the IMac G4 is a unique appearance. The low-end configuration is priced at $1299, 700MHz G4 PowerPC processor, 128MB RAM, 40GB hard disk, CD-RW drive, and midrange configuration at $1499, up to MB RAM, Cd-rw/dvd-rom combo Optical drive The high-end configuration is priced at $1799, 800MHz G4 processor, up to MB RAM, 60GB HDD, Cd-rw/dvd-r burner.

IMac G4 is one of the most important products in Apple's history.

IMac G5

From G4 to G5, Apple's imac product was designed to be a metamorphosis. Compared to G4, the IMac G5 is more concise, and some say it looks like a front-sized ipod, and this one-piece design has been used so far.

Released in March 2005, IMac G5 is divided into 17-inch and 20-inch models. Its configuration includes 1.6 or 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5 64-bit processors, Serial ATA hard drives, USB 2.0 ports, video output ports, and independent pendulum power buttons at the rear.

imac Core Duo

In 2006, Apple began to promote Intel's core processors in all production line products. According to Apple, the core Duo processor can significantly improve the performance of imac, in addition to this, the shape design, price, function will continue to G5 design.

In 2007, Apple refreshed the imac line and released imac with Core 2 Duo processors, including 17-inch, 20-inch, and 24-inch models

IMAC (aluminum case)

In the 2007 summer press conference, the aluminum-shell imac was a gorgeous debut. At the time, the media rated this amazing product: "Metal aluminum and black-edged imac, which is suitable for home use, but also suitable for the office of your boss Chair."

From the aluminum case imac, the Apple all-in-one machine size grew to 20 inches and the 17-inch model was canceled. Then in 2009, 2010 and 2011, the base of the core i3, the Core i5 Hang i7 processor version of the imac is gradually available.

New imac

At the California press conference yesterday, Apple renewed its imac production insurance and released the new series.

The new imac still features a one-piece structure, unlike the body, which is made up of metal and glass. Compared to previous generations of products, the next generation of imac is the ultimate in thinness. It is reported that the imac in the thinnest place only 5mm, although the center of the back cover protruding, it can still be called the thinnest of all-in-one computer.

The new imac is equipped with at least 8GB DDR3 memory. The 21.5-inch imac model has 16GB of memory and a 27-inch model up to 32GB.


14 years wind Road Apple imac computer evolution

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