14.AspxGridView column editing style

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1.AspxGridView column Type

Gridviewcommandcolumn: command button columns
Gridviewdatacolumn: Basic Data columns
Gridviewdatabinaryimagecolumn: Binary image columns
Gridviewdatabuttoneditcolumn: Edit button columns
Gridviewdatacheckcolumn: check box column
Gridviewdatacomboboxcolumn: Combo Box column
Gridviewdatadatecolumn: Date column
Gridviewdatahyperlinkcolumn: Hyperlink Column
Gridviewdataimagecolumn: Image Column
Gridviewdatamemocolumn: Large text column
Gridviewdataprogressbarcolumn: Progress bar Column
Gridviewdataspineditcolumn: Fine-tuning The Mask column
Gridviewdatatextcolumn: Text column

Where Gridviewcommandcolumn and Gridviewdatacolumn are similar, they inherit from Gridviewcolumn.
The Gridviewdatatextcolumn class inherits from the Gridvieweditdatacolumn,gridvieweditdatacolumn inherited from Gridviewdatacolumn, Other data columns are directly inherited from Gridviewdatacolumn.
Gridviewcolumn is an abstract class, and you cannot declare a field directly as a Gridviewcolumn class.

2.GridViewColumn server-Side important properties

Property name Data type Description
Caption String The column header text. can read and write.
CellStyle Gridviewcellstyle Field style. Read-only.
Collection DevExpress.Web.ASPxClasses. Collection The column belongs to the collection. Read-only.
Fixedstyle Gridviewcolumnfixedstyle (enumeration) The style when the field freezes. can read and write. Value range: left, fixed; none: not fixed.
Footercellstyle Gridviewfooterstyle Footer field style. Read-only.
FooterTemplate ITemplate The cell template where the column footer is located. can read and write.
Grid Aspxgridview The field belongs to the Aspxgridview. Read-only.
Groupfootercellstyle Gridviewgroupfooterstyle The footer field is grouped with styles. Read-only.
Headercaptiontemplate ITemplate The field header template. can read and write.
Index Int Column ordinal. can read and write.
Name String The field name. can read and write.
Showincustomizationform Bool Whether the field header (when the field is hidden) appears in the custom window. can read and write.
ToolTip String Micro Help. can read and write.
Visible Bool is displayed. can read and write.
Visibleindex Int The display order. can read and write.
Width Unit Width. can read and write.

3.GridViewColumn server-side approach

method name syntax Chinese Description
Assign Void Assign (DevExpress.Web.ASPxClasses. Collectionitem source) copies the public property from the specified object to the current field.
isclickable bool Isclickable () determines whether a field can respond to a mouse click event. Returns True when the field has a header or Aspxgridview allow sorting (settingsbehavior.allowsort) or allows the field to drag (Settingsbehavior.allowdragdrop), otherwise false is returned.
setcolvisible void setcolvisible (bool value) sets whether the field is visible. Equivalent to the Visible property.
setcolvisibleindex Void setcolvisibleindex (int value) sets the order in which columns are displayed. Equivalent to the Visibleindex property.
autofilterby Void Autofilterby (string value) automatic filtering based on specified field values

(1) Examples of assign methods
Note After you call the Assign method, the current field includes the name, and the data is consistent with the replication source. If you want to make some properties, such as post-replication data, different from the replication source, you should re-change after calling this method. Typically used to dynamically create columns.

Gridviewdatacolumn C = (gridviewdatacolumn) ( This. aspxgridview1.columns["Creator"]); This. aspxgridview1.columns["Creator"]. Assign ( This. aspxgridview1.columns["Logid"]); C.fieldname="Creator"; C.name="Creator"; C.caption="Creator"

4.GridViewCommandColumn: Command Button Column
(1) Example of column sound

<dxwgv:gridviewcommandcolumn caption="Select"Name="Isselect"Buttontype="Button"showselectcheckbox="true"></dxwgv:gridviewcommandcolumn><dxwgv:gridviewcommandcolumn caption="Operation"visible="true"> <updatebutton text="Save"visible="true"/> <newbutton text="New"visible="true"/> <cancelbutton text="Cancel"visible="true"/> <clearfilterbutton text="Clear"visible="true"/> <selectbutton text="Select"visible="true"/></dxwgv:gridviewcommandcolumn>

(2) Gridviewcommandcolumn server-Side important properties

Property name Data type Chinese description
Allowdragdrop Defaultboolean (enumeration) Whether to allow columns to be dragged. can read and write. Value range: True,false,default
ButtonType ButtonType (enumeration) The button type. can read and write. Value range: Button, Image, Link
CancelButton Gridviewcommandcolumnbutton Cancel button. Read-only.
Clearfilterbutton Gridviewcommandcolumnbutton Clears the filter criteria button. Read-only.
Custombuttons Gridviewcommandcolumncustombuttoncollection A custom button collection. Read-only.
DeleteButton Gridviewcommandcolumnbutton Delete button. Read-only.
Editbutton Gridviewcommandcolumnbutton Edit button. Read-only.
Newbutton Gridviewcommandcolumnbutton New button. Read-only.
Selectbutton Gridviewcommandcolumnbutton Select the button. Read-only.
Showselectcheckbox Bool Whether to display the selection box. can read and write.
UpdateButton Gridviewcommandcolumnbutton Save button. Read-only.

5. Gridviewdatacolumn: Basic data column
(1) Example of column sound

<dxwgv:gridviewdatacolumn caption="logid" fieldname="logid" readonly="true" > </dxwgv:GridViewDataColumn>

(2) Gridviewdatacolumn server-Side important properties

Property name Data type Chinese description
Dataitemtemplate ITemplate The current field displays the cell template for the data. can read and write.
Editcellstyle Gridvieweditcellstyle The style when the field is edited. Read-only.
Editformcaptionstyle Gridvieweditformcaptionstyle The header style when the field is edited. Read-only.
Editformsettings Gridcolumneditformsettings Settings for columns in the edit window
EditItemTemplate ITemplate The cell template for the current field to edit data. can read and write.
FieldName String Database column name. can read and write.
Filtercellstyle Gridviewfiltercellstyle The style of the field on the Auto-filter toolbar. Read-only.
FilterExpression String Field filter expression. Read-only. The Autofilterbycolumn () method that calls Aspxgridview automatically sets the field filter expression.
Groupindex Int Column grouping hierarchy. can read and write.
Propertiesedit Editpropertiesbase The field editor settings. can read and write.
Propertiesedittype String The column editor type. can read and write.
ReadOnly Bool is read-only. can read and write.
Settings Gridviewdatacolumnsettings An object that provides access to the field options. Read-only.
SortIndex Int Column sort order. can read and write.
SortOrder Columnsortorder (enumeration) How to sort columns. can read and write. Value range: none,ascending, descending
Unboundtype Unboundcolumntype (enumeration) field-bound data type. can read and write. Range of values: Bound,integer,decimal, DateTime, String,boolean,object.

(3) Gridviewdatacolumn server-Side Important method

method name syntax Chinese Description
Assign Void Assign (DevExpress.Web.ASPxClasses. Collectionitem source) copies the public property from the specified object to the current field.
autofilterby Void Autofilterby (string value) automatic filtering based on specified field values
GroupBy void GroupBy () is grouped by the current field. You can call the Ungroup method to break the grouping.
sortascending void sortascending () Sort by current field value
Void sortdescending () sorted in reverse order of current column values
UnGroup void UnGroup () cancels the current column grouping
unsort Void unsort () cancel the current column sort

6.GridViewDataButtonEditColumn: Edit Button Column
(1) Example of column sound

<dxwgv:gridviewdatabuttoneditcolumn caption=" remarks " fieldname="Remark  " ><propertiesbuttonedit nulltext=" empty " /></DXWGV: Gridviewdatabuttoneditcolumn>

(2) Unique attributes
Gridviewdatabuttoneditcolumn inherits from Gridviewdatacolumn, which includes the following unique properties:

Property name Data type Chinese description
Propertiesbuttonedit Buttoneditproperties Field Editor Properties

7.GridViewDataCheckColumn: check box column

8.GridViewDataTextColumn: Text column

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14.AspxGridView column editing style

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