15 Best JQuery flip-flop effects plugin

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This article brings you 15 very useful jquery plug-ins that implement a book-like effect that you can easily integrate into your Web application to enhance the user experience.

1. Bookblock

Bookblock can create any content (like, text) as a page-turn effect with a page-turn navigation that can be used to create components such as booklets.

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2. Imbookflip

The plugin allows you to load the ebook in an IFRAME or page, and can be set to start when the page loads, or set to start when you click Manually. You can also add sound effects through the voice manager.

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3. Jflip

The plugin can convert the picture library into a book effect. Clicking or dragging the corner of the book will result in a page turn.

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4. Turn.js

Inspired by ibooks and maps for iOS, the plugin implements a true book-flipping or magazine effect based on HTML5.

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5. The flip effect based on jquery and CSS3 3D transforms

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6. jquery-Responsive flip-book

It can also be run on ipad without Flash Player.

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7 full-screen rollover effect

The Bookblock-based full-screen rollover effect can also be accessed via the left-side slide-out sidebar.

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8. Virtual Notebooks

A virtual notebook that can turn pages.

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9. Bookflip

The Bookflip engine has been completely rebuilt to provide better performance in modern browsers and also for IE8/9.

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Ten. Booklet

jquery-based page-book layout plugin.

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Page flipping plug-in completely based on HTML5.

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jQuery FlipBook Slider

The lightweight jquery paging plugin is available for any content: text, HTML, IFRAMEs, Video, Flash (SWF), etc., which you can easily customize with CSS (such as background images, fonts, colors, and so on).

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13. Inspired by the Flipboard page effect

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jQuery flippage

Originally for Tablet PC development, to achieve book-flipping effect.

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There are 2 different page-flipping effects that help you create online e-books.

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15 Best JQuery flip-flop effects plugin

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