15 Quick Tips for beginners must-see JavaScript

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today's small series for our novice JavaScript small partners to introduce a simple programming language, better help you to learn it in depth, use it:

JavaScript is a scripting language that belongs to the web!

JavaScript is used by millions of of pages to improve design, verify forms, detect browsers, create cookies, and more.

JavaScript is the most popular scripting language on the Internet.

JavaScript is easy to use! You're going to love it!

To help people who are just beginning to touch JavaScript, we've listed some tips on JavaScript programming that we hope will help you.

Here are 15 quick tips:

1. Solve the problem without a specific language, learn to write pseudo-code.

2. Use the flexibility of JavaScript to see how other developers can solve common problems.

3. Many people can write JavaScript, innovation and the world's absorption of the essence.

4. The passion and curiosity to learn is important for practicing JavaScript.

5. The ability to do JavaScript objects and functional programming is unique.

6. For those who have just touched JavaScript, test the code you have written.

7. Learn JavaScript and develop your abstract thinking skills.

8. To be a successful JavaScript developer, you must first be diligent.

9. Master the basics of object, scope, function and object-oriented programming.

10. Understand design patterns and develop extensible JavaScript applications.

11. Understand the nuances between server-side encodings and encoders.

12. There is a learning plan to read JavaScript, which makes it easy to understand the object model.

13. It is important to know when to compromise and when to stick to your position.

14. Be patient with your programming skills and pay attention to small details.

15. Wrap your head, prototype inheritance, closing, and expression evaluation.

JavaScript is a prototype-based scripting language with a first-class dynamic type capability. This blend of features makes it a multi-paradigm language that supports object-oriented, imperative, and functional Chengdu programming styles. It can be used to improve the dynamic and interactive features of your Web pages, allowing you to perform calculations, check tables, write interactive games, add effects, customize graphics options, create secure passwords, and more. However, it is also considered to be the most misunderstood programming language in the world. through the above simple introduction and the sharing of tips, beginner's small partners are not to it and have a new understanding of it;

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15 Quick Tips for beginners must-see JavaScript

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