20-year-old PHP technical director growth path

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This buddy told me again that programming can change a cock silk life state! Speaking of this buddy's experience, in the first person, this buddy learning path or PHP tutorial

I was just transferred to our place. A key High School, the first language class, the teacher recognized me: "You do not study in other schools, how to turn here?" I answered truthfully: "My uncle is here as a teacher, and I can learn better when I turn here." But the Chinese teacher's sarcasm extinguished my ambition to study hard. "Most despise the back door, no real ability to stay in the key class." These words stimulated my self-esteem and inspired the seeds of my inner reluctance. However, in the rebellious period I did not embark on the road to hard work, good learning, I gradually obsessed with online games, finally extricate themselves. My high school career also ended here, I dropped out and went into the society ahead of time.

18 years old, at the age of the rainy season, I went to work in the factory where my parents worked. I seem to have ruined my future in an age when I was only admitted to college. Working days are tiring and there is no freedom. Although I think I can not live like this for a lifetime, but also do not know where their way out. At the end of the year, a supervisor in the factory asked me: "You are very clever, do you want to learn technology?" I felt the opportunity to come, at least to learn a technology. At that time, parents also quite agree, gave the supervisor paid more than 10,000 yuan of the apprentice fee, and then spent three months to learn CNC. My parents looked at me very good, also very happy, consider let me go to other places to develop.

Later, my girlfriend's words, let me inspire the inner infinite rush. I and she is a long distance love, she said to me: "Are you going to stay in the factory for a lifetime?" Are you going to contribute all your youth to the factory? This sentence is like clairvoyant, ignited my unyielding passion. That night I thought for a long, sleepless night. What is my goal in life? What is it that I am trying hard to pursue but not the law? Because my girlfriend was learning to design, I thought it would be better for me to learn design than to stay in the factory. So, I began to learn the front-end, embarked on the road of programming

In fact, my heart is not the bottom son, education is not high, still do not know how to self-study, very distressed. But, coincidentally, I found on the Internet, Preach Intelligence podcast Graphic Design Video course, speak very well, at that time is catching up with the teacher has a public class, so every evening to listen to the public class, learning is a lot easier.

In order to do stand I self-taught a time of PHP, I encountered a lot of problems in it, learning is not smooth. When I knew PHP was a career, I decided to transfer to PHP. I will be the teacher's PHP video from the beginning to see the tail, benefit quite abundant, so want to preach Wisdom podcast system training. But parents that a delay did not pass, later after consideration, MOM said: "You can go, but if you can really, but one months to get less than 5000 yuan, obediently give me back to the factory to work." "I remember watching billboard, the lowest salary is 5000 yuan a month, so confidently guarantee: no problem.

Because before self-study, so in the basic class is very smooth, but the first month after the upgrade to the employment class began, some unbearable, a lot of knowledge points into the brain, I can't keep pace. Gradually, I began to fidget, I think PHP is too difficult to learn, but still bite teeth to dispel the idea. I insist on learning, through my own refined learning methods, to keep pace with efficiency.

After the training, I started looking for a job. After many times, "resume was dropped, a look at the education directly rejected" experience, finally, a company recognized my ability to a monthly salary of 5000 yuan as PHP development. I work hard to improve my abilities, bring the project team and execute the project. Work for more than 1 years, see pay delay not rise, I resolutely resign choose to continue to find work. I used to be in the group of students to solve some technical problems, willing to help others. Later this channel also let me get acquainted with today's Yi International, through layer interview smoothly into the job, as PHP technical director, 15000 Yuan monthly salary. Think of my own struggle, although touched the wall, but I still have confidence in themselves, I believe that their tomorrow will be better.

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20-year-old PHP technical director growth path

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