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As one of the powerful languages for web development, PHP is now widely used, with open source code, strong cross-platform, fast development, high efficiency, object-oriented, easy to use, professional focus and many other advantages. The various PHP development frameworks also make program development simple and effective. For Web developers, PHP is a very powerful and popular programming language. Many of the world's top sites are based on PHP development.

Every developer knows that having a strong framework makes development work faster, safer, and more effective. Selecting a suitable framework before you develop a project can provide a solid foundation for the future, and the following 20 PHP frameworks you can choose to use, will certainly help you.

1, Laravel

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP application framework designed for the development of MVC-based Web applications, and personally feel that Laravel is a great PHP framework that can help you create cool Web apps and easily use rights validation, URL routing, Functions such as session and cache.

Official website: http://laravel.com/

2, Phalcon

Phalcon is the fastest PHP framework, its bottom layer is implemented in C, but the upper layer provides some PHP extensions, Phalcon as a PHP framework for high performance and low consumption. Although it is implemented in C, we do not need to use the C language, you can use it as long as you have PHP.

Official website: http://phalconphp.com/en/

3, Symfony

Symfony is a PHP framework for Web projects that can help you accelerate the creation and maintenance of your PHP applications. Symfony can help you save a lot of repetitive coding work and shift your focus to design and control.

Symfony is a reusable PHP component that is an open source software based on the MIT Protocol, and many CMS systems and forum programs are developed based on Symfony, such as Drupal and phpBB.

Official website: http://symfony.com/

4. Yii

Yii is a fast, secure, and professional PHP framework, and it is a high-performance PHP framework for Web 2.0 applications, and Yii is very powerful with built-in features such as MVC, Dao/activerecord, i18n, permission validation, caching, security control, testing, Data access objects, and so on.

Official website: http://www.yiiframework.com/

5, CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a very agile open source PHP framework, and if you want to develop a simple and elegant toolkit with PHP, then CodeIgniter is a good fit.

Official website: https://ellislab.com/codeigniter

6. CakePHP

CakePHP is an old-style PHP framework, and now the stable version is V3.0. CakePHP can help you create PHP applications quickly and easily, and you can implement powerful features with very little code.

Official website: http://cakephp.org/

7, Aura

If you prefer to create an application with concise code, then you can choose to use Aura,aura also has a considerable number of users, using methods similar to CakePHP, Aura's main goal is to provide PHP developers with a high-quality, testable, standardized component framework.

Official website: http://auraphp.com/

8. Zend Framework

I used Zend 1 and Zend 2 in a large Web project in the last few years, and as a top-notch PHP framework, Zend was really useful, and the documentation was rich. We can use Zend to create some very extensible PHP applications.

Official website: http://framework.zend.com/

9, Kohana

Kohana is an agile but powerful PHP framework that allows us to quickly create a Web application with Kohana because it has a rich set of components such as data access interfaces, code analysis, encryption and validation, and so on.

Official website: http://kohanaframework.org/

10. Slim Framework

Slim is a lightweight PHP framework, and as a micro-framework, Slim allows you to simply create some powerful applications and API interfaces. Slim has powerful routing capabilities, custom view templates, flash messaging, AES-256 encrypted security cookies, HTTP caching, customizable logging, exception handling, and debugging and simple configuration.

Official website: http://www.slimframework.com/

11, Fuel PHP

Fuel PHP is a simple, extensible PHP Framework, based on the design concept of other frameworks, Fuel is already a V2.0 version and currently knows the beta version.

Fuel fully supports HMVC, which is also part of the fuel architecture. In addition, the fuel powerful routing feature gives you the flexibility to handle the correspondence between the Controller and the view.

Official website: http://fuelphp.com/

12, Flight

Flight is a very extensible micro PHP framework, flight allows you to quickly create restful web applications, it needs to PHP5.3 the above version support, of course flight is based on the MIT protocol Open source.

Official website: http://flightphp.com/

13, Medoo

I like this mini-frame very much, Medoo is the most lightweight PHP framework that can be used to speed up our application development. It is only 13KB of a file, learning and use are very simple, and Medoo is open source.

Official website: http://medoo.in/

14, Phpixie

Phpixie is a lightweight PHP MVC framework, it is very small, and the document is more comprehensive, we just need to do as much as possible to configure.

Official website: http://phpixie.com/

15. Pop PHP

Pop is a powerful and easy-to-learn PHP framework and provides a number of detailed API interfaces and their documentation to support PHP5.3 and above. Now, pop PHP remains lightweight, although many new features are gradually added to the pop, but it's still handy.

Official website: http://www.popphp.org/

16. Simple MVC Framework

Simple MVC framework installation and simplicity, the code structure is very simple, very easy to learn. We only need to set the website path to install it successfully. In the Twitter and Facebook groups there is also the simple MVC framework of the discussion area, which is lightweight and smaller than the size of 1M.

Official website: http://simplemvcframework.com/

17. TYPO3 Flow

TYPO3 is developed by TYPO3 Management, one of the largest PHP communities, and is an open source PHP framework.

Official website: http://flow.typo3.org/home

18, Nette

Very popular PHP development tool, its design concept is as simple and secure as possible, Nette has been for you to consider your website security, including XSS attacks, session hijacking, session tampering and other security issues.

Official website: http://nette.org/en/

19, Agavi

Agavi is a PHP MVC framework based on PHP5, which helps developers write concise code, and extensibility is very good.

Official website: http://www.agavi.org/

20, Silex

Silex is also a micro PHP framework based on PHP5.3 and above, Silex API is very interesting to use, because the API is simple enough to make use of pimple services to become a great third-party extension application.

Official website: http://silex.sensiolabs.org/

The above is a brief description of the 20 PHP framework and functional introduction. The framework is to provide a basic framework for developing web programs, and the PHP development Framework puts Phpweb program development on the pipeline. In other words, the PHP development framework helps facilitate rapid software development (RAD), which saves you time, helps create more stable programs, and reduces the effort of developers to write code repeatedly. These frameworks also help beginners create stable programs by ensuring proper database operation and programming only in the presentation layer. The PHP development framework allows you to spend more time creating real web programs rather than writing repetitive code.

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