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If you use Ubuntu Desktop every day, you will certainly have some experiences, which applications are easy to use and which are not easy to use. In this article, Matt Hartley, author of Datamation, will share 20 practical Ubuntu applications. These applications cover production tools and Web-based tools.

1. Dropbox.There are several ways to connect you to others on the Web, but only Dropbox can achieve the easiest connection. From shared files to sending images to others, Dropbox can share files and directories without exposing its computers to everyone. What Dropbox enjoys is compatibility with Ubuntu Desktop and Android phones. If you use an Apple phone, it can also access iOS.

Ii. Parcellite.During a day's work, if you need to copy a large number of URLs in the memory, you do not need to copy these URLs into the text. You only need to use the clipboard called Parcellite to complete the access. Parcellite supports custom hotkeys, capturing only hot links, and even setting Parcellite to avoid blank spaces and trim line breaks. If you often have a lot of copy and paste work, Parcellite is an indispensable helper.

3. Wunderlist.It is actually a substitute for Google Calendar and has powerful functions. Wunderlist is fully cross-platform and supports Ubuntu and Android. It can easily and quickly manage any task. One of the coolest features of Wunderlist is to create a new task through an application or by sending an email.

Iv. gscan2pdf.If you rely heavily on file scanning, use gscan2pdf for invoice, receipt scanning, and related tasks. The best thing is that it can integrate multiple files into one PDF file. Even better, you can scan different image formats. With these features, coupled with scan control options, gscan2pdf is a mandatory application.

5. gMTP.Although you do not need to access the MP3 player every day, it is necessary to install gMTP. GMTP is required when the playlist needs to be updated or you want to make some changes on the iRiver MP3 player. Although many software music managers provide MTP support, such as my iRiver device, gMTP provides a better experience. It can be easily deleted, added, or other features.

6. FreetuxTV.If you work in different objects, this application can be opened and run in the background. FreetuxTV depends on different network TV sets and network radio content resources. FreetuxTV allows you to easily access CNN and other local news stations, and supports recording.

VII. gPodder.It provides the latest action synchronization function in the field you are interested in. Unlike the above applications, gPodder can easily subscribe to podcasts and select the desired media player. The coolest way to use gPodder is to synchronize media players or smartphones, so you can bring your favorite podcasts with you.

8. Skype Call Recorder.Unlike other applications, be careful when using this application. Skype Call Recorder can be used only when authorized access is permitted and records must be recorded. local laws and regulations must be observed. If you have any questions in the future, you can view the record.

9. VLC.This is the most easy-to-use media player. If you don't want any other software media player, you can play VLC or anything, and there will be no latency. In addition, VLC can play DVDs easily. It can also capture videos from a webcam.

10. LibreOffice.Most people may be able to use LibreOffice easily. In most cases, LibreOffice provides a wide range of functions in terms of processes and workbooks. LibreOffice is a good choice if Writer is used to write articles and Calc for personal economics. In the lower half, we will continue to share the other 10 required Ubuntu applications.

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