2015 Best 15 node. JS Development Tools

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node. js is popular in the months to come, a platform built on the Google V8 engine to easily build responsive, easy-to-scale Web applications. In this article, we list the top 15 node. JS Development tools for 2015. These tools are very helpful for novice developers who have just started learning node. js . If you know any other useful node. JS Resources, please let us know.

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1. Io.js

JavaScript I/O is a NPM compatible platform that's originally based on node. JS and built on Chrome ' s V8 Runtime. IT aims to provide faster and predictable release cycles.

2. Math.js

Math.js is a extensive math library for JavaScript and node. js. It features a flexible expression parser and offers an integrated solution to work with numbers, big numbers, complex numb ERS, units, and matrices. Powerful. It supports chained operations. It ' s easily extensible.

3. Cyclon.js

Cylon.js is a JavaScript framework for robotics and physical computing built on top of node. js. It provides a simple, but powerful-to-create solutions that incorporate multiple, different hardware devices Concurren tly. Cylon uses the Gort command line Interface (CLI) so you can access important features on the command line. You can scan, connect, update device firmware, and more. Cylon also have its own CLI to generate new robots, adaptors, and drivers.

4. Migrat

Migrat is a pluggable node. JS Migration Tool that's not tied any particular database engine and supports Multi-node EnviR Onments. It's designed for diverse stacks and processes, and allows migrations to be run once globally or once per server.

5. Eskimo

Eskimo makes it easier to rapidly build node. js apps, online stores, APIs, and more. It's built with Open-source packages, and can is used for everything from coming soon pages to referral systems to Cdn-hos Ted assets.

6. Taunus

Taunus is a micro isomorphic MVC engine for Node,js this focuses on delivering a progressively enhanced experience to the User. It focuses on usability and performance, as well.

7. Pencilblue

Pencilblue is an open source node. JS Content Management system that ' s fully responsive and completely scalable. It's extendable, easy-to-use, and are great for more than just blogs.

8. Paperclip

Paperclip.js is a powerful the template engine that's built for extensibility and speed. It creates compiled templates for the browser and node. js.

9. Set

Set is a unobtrusive, dry template engine for node. JS and browsers that gives you 100% valid HTML5 templates. It's visual, so you can design in your favorite visual editor and even use mock data in your templates.

Ten. Passwordless

Passwordless is a token-based password authentication middleware for Express and node. js. It's faster to deploy, with just a single form and the text field, with the no need for separate registration, login, and lost pas Sword pages.


Broccoli is a new backend-agnostic, node. JS build tool, comparable to the Rails asset pipeline in scope. It offers chainable plugins, fast rebuilds, and a few plugins ready to go.


Sails.js is designed to resemble the MVC architecture from frameworks like Ruby on Rails but for creating enterprise-grade node. JS Apps. It has support for more modern, data-oriented web App development, particularly useful for creating realtime things like C Hat functions.


Node OS is the first operating system powered by NPM. It ' s built on top of the Linux kernel, with a node. js runtime.


Express is a high performance and minimal web development framework for node. js. The Express philosophy is to provide small, robust tooling for HTTP servers. Making it a great solution for single page applications, Web sites, hybrids, or public HTTP apis.built on Connect can With the only "what" need, and nothing more, applications can is as big or as small as you like, even a single file.


Flatiron is a unobtrusive framework initiative for node. JS. IT promotes code organization and sustainability by clearly separating development concerns. Each component works elegantly with or without its counterparts. Many of the same in the browser as they does on the server. It's an initiative to build a collection of decoupled tools with the same standard of quality and performance so you wo Uld expect from anything built by Nodejitsu (Intelligent & Scalable node. js).

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2015 Best 15 node. JS Development Tools

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