2016-04-06 2016 Chinese New Year is a few months. 2016 Monkey Qingming Festival holiday arrangement 2016

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PHP tags

    • Form One

    • Form Two

    • Form Three

This form needs to rely on a configuration in php.inishort_open_tag = On


If there is no HTML behind PHP you can omit?>

PHP Case-sensitive features

    • Variable differentiation

    • Constant distinction

    • Other do not differentiate

About semicolons

    • Every sentence should be added;

    • A PHP tag in the last sentence can not add;

    • If you omit the end tag, the last sentence cannot be omitted;

About annotations

    • Single-line Comments // or#

    • Multi-line comments/% %/


    • There is no simple definition of the situation

    • Isset determine if a variable exists

$v1 = isset($s1);  // false$s2 = 1;$v2 = isset($s2); //true
    • unset Deleting a variable

$v1 = 1;isset($v1); //trueunset($v1);isset($v1); // false

Variable names that can be used

    • Start with a letter or underscore

    • followed by any number (with 0) of letters, numbers and underscores

Naming rules

    • Camel nomenclature: The first word lowercase, followed by the first letter of each word capitalized

$name   $myName   $myFatherName
    • Pascal's nomenclature: capitalize each word in the first letter

$Name   $MyName   $MyFatherName
    • Underline segmentation: Each word is lowercase and separated by an underscore

$name   $my_name   $my_father_name

Variable-value-transfer method

Value passing

The values of two variables do not affect each other

Reference delivery

Values affect each other

$m1 = 1;$m2 = & $m1

The above describes the 2016-04-06, including 2016 aspects of the content, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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