2016 Most popular PHP frameworks

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Each PHP framework has its own unique place. At the same time, the PHP language has gained great recognition and become the world's most common server scripting language. PHP has also become the easiest web dynamic development language to learn. As PHP developed, the PHP framework quickly emerged, making it easy and fast to develop complex applications.

Many PHP developers choose the PHP framework because the PHP framework provides a precise directory and environment for your application, making it easy to develop quickly. This is also a best practice for developing highly scalable and high-quality web pages.

Over the past few years, Lavarel has had a clear advantage of being in the top position of the hottest PHP framework, as well as in the 2016. Now we are talking more and more about the development logic moving to the front end, just as an API. However, learning an all-stack framework is still necessary. But in many frameworks, how do you choose the one that suits you best? So let's sit down and check out this article to find your own PHP framework. So the small make up with everyone to take stock of the 2016 most popular PHP framework.


As the Google trending chart shows, Laravel has always been the most popular PHP framework for PHP developers. It's a young frame, but with elegant syntax, you can easily and quickly develop your app. It has most common features, such as routing, authentication, sessions, queues, and caching.


The second ranking is CodeIgniter. It is a lightweight PHP framework that provides a simple and sophisticated platform to develop your Web application. But the most important reason for CI ranking second is that CI does not provide adequate security protection, so this is not the first choice for our framework.

Yii 2

A purely object-oriented framework with simple programming logic based on the dry (Don ' t Repeat yourself) concept. Yii2 integrates jquery with a complete set of AJAX mechanisms that will allow you to expand your skin and theme features. Overall, the YII2 framework is friendly to the developers of the front-end to the backend.


CakePHP is also a framework that is popular with PHP developers because it is lightweight, simple, responsive, and easy to write. Its templates are easy to use. CakePHP is based on "CRUD", which is the most convenient and popular way to interact with the database. CakePHP also works like security authentication, mail, sessions, cookies, and requests to handle these features. CakePHP's biggest drawback is that it doesn't support object-oriented.


Symfony has always been one of the frameworks for PHP developers to use stably. It's very flexible and powerful. Symfony has many reusable parts such as security, templates, escaping, validation, form configuration, and so on.
This is now the most popular 5 PHP framework. The 5 frameworks above can be the preferred choice for PHP development companies. If you want to ask me which frame I would choose, I think I would say lavarel. Because it's easy to get started, the documentation is complete. But it's easy to get started if you just look at the code. Of course you have to choose the framework that best suits you for development.

2016 Most popular PHP frameworks

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