24-point mini-game app promotional copy

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24-point mini-game app promotional copy game background

The 24-point game is a traditional poker game, which is a competitive intelligence game through poker, in addition to the hope to spend our free time, strengthen the students ' calculator and the ability to work, but also to promote the brains and logic of each of us, thus improving our memory and brain clarity.

Product advantages

For our 24-point mini-game, we've assembled it into our mobile software development. There are basic landing interface, main interface, game interface, help interface, about interface, leaderboard interface. At the same time, our interface compared to other beautiful, concise advantages, added the poker style, so that users can have more close to the real 24-point game experience.

At the same time, in addition to the normal game mode, but also increased the mode of the breakthrough, increased the user's game fun.

Promotion Plan

First of all, our users are oriented to the year-round age, so the scope of promotion is very large.
Second, we can first put our app on the mainstream Android app store, such as Pea pod, app Bao, 360 mobile phone helper, etc., so that our application can have a good "surface source."
After that, we can carry out offline promotion, for example, to display a promotion point, design poster, scan code download game to get a small gift.
Finally can be promoted through the network, because now the network propaganda is one of the most labor-saving, the most worry, the most economical, but also effective promotion method, through the circle of friends, Weibo, space, bar, know and other social channels, with direct promotion or sharing the app achievements information, friends ranked way to promote.
In the promotion process, we can further obtain user feedback, and the use of experience, so as to better understand the needs of users, so as to improve our app, so as to get more users.

24-point mini-game app promotional copy

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