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World Pop Framework Summary

In the project development, some architecture and code are duplicated, in order to avoid duplication of work, so a variety of frameworks were born.

In PHP development, choosing the right framework helps speed up software development, saves valuable project time, and allows developers to focus on the implementation of functionality. Because the popular framework is tested by a large number of projects, the use of frameworks also helps to create more stable and secure applications. This article collects the world's most popular 25 PHP framework, Welcome to exchange study.

1, Laravel

Laravel is a simple and elegant phpweb development framework that frees developers from spaghetti-style code, develops great Web applications through simple, elegant, expression-based syntax, Laravel has more expressive syntax, high-quality documentation, rich expansion packs, and is known as " Master PHP Development Framework ".

2, Phalcon

Phalcon is an open-source, full-stack, C-written PHP5 framework that provides developers with a number of advanced tools needed for Web site and application development, and Phalcon is loosely coupled, and developers can use other components as needed. All functions in Phalcon are presented as PHP classes, and developers do not need to learn and use C without worrying about performance issues.

3, Symfony2

Symfony2 is an open-source phpweb framework with fast development and high performance characteristics. Compared to other frameworks, Symfony2 's advantages include support for Di (Dependency injection) and IOC (inversion of control), strong extensibility, and relatively mature documentation and community. But Symfony2 's learning curve is also steep, inexperienced beginners often need some practice to master its characteristics.

4, CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a simple and fast phpmvc frame. CodeIgniter does not require a large amount of code (the 1.6.2 version is only 2.8MB, where 1.3MB is a user document that can be deleted), and does not require you to insert a large library similar to pear. It behaves equally well in PHP4 and PHP5, allowing you to create portable applications. Finally, you don't have to use the template engine to create a view-just follow the old HTML and PHP. CodeIgniter is easy to get started with and has a comprehensive Chinese version of the user development manual that can be found on the official website.

5. Yii

Yii is a high-performance, component-based PHP framework for developing large Web applications. Yii is written in strict OOP, with well-established library references and comprehensive tutorials. From mvc,dao/activerecord,widgets,caching, hierarchical Rbac,web services, to theming, i18n and l10n,yii provide almost everything you need for today's Web2.0 application development. In fact, Yii is one of the most efficient PHP frameworks. Yii is a high-performance PHP5 Web application Development framework. With a simple command-line tool, YIIC can quickly create a code framework for a Web application, and developers can add business logic based on the generated code framework to quickly complete application development.

6, Aura

Aura provides a separate class library for PHP5.4 and above, and its code is very clean and truly independent. These packages can be used alone, or they can be incorporated into the developer's own framework. Very little domestic information.

7. Cakephp

CakePHP is a rapid development framework that employs well-known design patterns such as ActiveRecord, Associationdatamapping, Frontcontroller, and MVC. The main goal of the project is to provide a variety of layers of PHP developers to quickly develop a robust web application without losing flexibility. CakePHP is a PHP-based, free and open source rapid development framework that was first inspired by the Rubyonrails framework. CakePHP has an active development team as well as a community that gives cakephp the value it deserves. In addition, using cakephp also means that your application will be easier to test and easier to refine and update.

8, Zend

Developed by developers of the most popular and professional phpide products Zendstudio, Zendframework is open source, primarily for Web application development and services, and ZF uses MVC (Model–view-controller) Schema mode to detach different parts of the application to facilitate program development and maintenance.

9, Kohana

Kohana is a pure PHP5 framework, based on the MVC pattern development, it is characterized by high security, lightweight code, easy to use. Released in September 2009, version 3.0 supports HMVC mode.

10, fuelphp

Fuelphp is a simple, flexible, community-driven php5.3web framework. Its birth stems from the dissatisfaction of many development communities with the existing development framework, fuelphp is very portable, almost all servers are well supported, and the simple and powerful syntax allows you to enjoy it very quickly.

11, Slim

Slim is a PHP micro-framework that can help you quickly write simple but powerful Web applications and APIs.

12, TYPO3

TYPO3 Content Management System, is based on Php4/php5+mysql Content Management System (framework) (CMS/CMF), compatible with PHP4 and PHP5. Database system In addition to MySQL, can also run in Oracle,ms-sql,odbc, Other database systems, such as LDAP, that support TYPO3 server systems: Apache or IIS-mounted servers.

13, thinkphp

Thinkphp was created to simplify enterprise application development and Agile Web application development. First born in early 2006, 2007 New Year's Day officially renamed Thinkphp, and follow the Apache2 open source agreement released. Since its inception, thinkphp has been adhering to the principle of simple and practical design, while maintaining excellent performance and to simplify the code, but also focus on ease of use. And with a number of original features and features, with the active participation of community teams, in the ease of use, scalability and performance of continuous optimization and improvement. Thinkphp is a fast, compatible and simple lightweight domestic PHP development framework, was born in early 2006, the original fcs,2007 New Year's Day officially renamed Thinkphp, followed the Apache2 open source agreement released, from the struts structure transplanted and made improvements and improvement, At the same time, it also draws on many foreign excellent frameworks and models, uses the object-oriented development structure and the MVC pattern, fuses the struts thought and the taglib (tag library), the Ror ORM Mapping and the ActiveRecord mode.

14, Flight

Flight is a fast, simple, and extensible PHP framework that allows users to quickly build Restfulweb applications that are easy to learn and use, simple but powerful!

15, Phpixie

Phpixie is a lightweight mvcphp framework designed for rapid development, easy to learn, and provides a solid foundation for the development of the framework.

16, Yaf

YAF, full name yetanotherframework, is a C language written PHP framework, is a PHP extension in the form of PHP development framework, compared to the general PHP framework, it is faster and lighter. It provides bootstrap, routing, distribution, views, plugins, is a full-featured PHP framework. The latest version is released in 2014-10-22 for 2.3.3.

17, Swoole

Swoole is a PHP advanced Web development Framework that is not designed to improve the performance of the site, but to improve the productivity of the site. Minimum performance loss in exchange for maximum development efficiency. Using the Swoole framework, a complex web feature can be developed in a very short period of time.

18, Nette

The Nette framework enables you to work more effectively, focus on important content, and make your code more readable and structured.

19. Drupal

Drupal is an open source Content Management Framework (CMF) written in the PHP language, which is composed of a content management system (CMS) and a PHP development Framework (framework). Awarded the World's Best CMS Award for many years, is the most famous Web application based on the PHP language. As of the end of 2011, a total of 13,802 web experts participated in Drupal development work, and 228 countries use Drupal for 729,791 site design workers in 181 languages. Notable examples include: UN, White House of the United States, U.S. Department of Commerce, New York Times, Warner, Disney, FedEx, Sony, Harvard University, Ubuntu, etc.

20, Workerman

Workerman is a pure PHP-developed, open-source, high-performance Phpsocket server framework. is widely used in mobile phone apps, mobile communications, small programs, hand-tour service, network games, PHP chat rooms, hardware communications, smart home, car networking, the Internet of things and other areas of development. Support TCP long connection, support WebSocket, HTTP and other protocols, support custom protocol. has many high-performance components such as asynchronous MySQL, asynchronous Redis, asynchronous HTTP, asynchronous Message Queuing, and more.

21, Phpdevshell

Phpdevshell is an open source (GNU/LGPL) Rapid Application Development framework for the development of pure PHP that does not contain java. It has a full GUI admin background interface. The main goal is to develop management-based applications such as plug-ins, where speed, security, stability, and resiliency are top priorities. Its design creates a simple learning curve, and PHP developers don't need to learn complex new terminology. The arrival of the Phpdevshell meets the needs of developers for a lightweight but fully functional GUI that can be configured without restrictions.

22, Akelos

akelosphp Framework is a Web application development platform based on MVC design pattern. Based on good usage habits, it can be used to accomplish the following tasks: The convenient use of Ajax to write views; through the Controller Management requests (request) and response (response); Manage internationalized applications; Use simple protocols and models and database communications

Your Akelos app can run on most shared hosting service providers, because the only requirement for Akelos to the server is to support PHP. Therefore, the akelosphp framework is the ideal framework for publishing individual Web applications because it does not require a nonstandard PHP configuration to run.

23, Prado

The Prado team consists of a number of Prado enthusiasts who develop and promote the Prado framework and related projects.

Prado's inspiration originated in Apachetapestry. Starting in 04, Prado became one of the open source projects on SourceForge. The project is now progressing to the 3.x version.

24, ZooP

The zoopphp framework, meaning the Zoop object-oriented PHP framework. This is a stable, scalable, and portable framework. From birth to the present 5 years, has been in a lot of product development has been used. Zoop is a fast, efficient and clean frame. It's very scalable and you can just install the features you need. Developers who are not very familiar with the code can also quickly develop secure Web applications through Zoop. Skilled developers will be able to use the flexibility of zoop to the fullest.

25, qphp

qphp, meaning fast PHP, is an MVC framework similar to ASP. Basically it's a case of integrating the aesthetics of Java and C #, removing the vague language of Perl used in other PHP frameworks; a lot of oop-based concepts

Finally, PHP is the best language in the world!

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