3 Kinds of php-cgi

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There are 3 forms of PHP CGI:

The most formidable fpm, the most powerful function, as long as the configuration php-fpm.conf can;

FPM Home: http://php-fpm.org/use spawn-fcgi, start command: env? Php_fcgi_children=3 php_fcgi_max_requests=1000 spawn-fcgi-a 9000-u www-data-g www-data-f php-cgi-p/var/ Run/spawn-fcgi.pid

When using, replace the www-data with its own user name and group name;

The parameters have the following meanings:
-F Specifies the execution program location of the process that calls fastcgi, depending on the situation of PHP installed on the system
-a bind to address addr
-p binding to port ports
-S bound to the path of the UNIX socket
-C Specifies the number of processes generated by the fastcgi, which defaults to 5 (PHP only)
-P Specifies the PID file path of the resulting process
What identity is used by-u and-G fastcgi (-u user-G user group) to run, Ubuntu can be used under Www-data, other configurations, such as nobody, Apache, etc.
Then we can add this line of code to the bottom of the/etc/rc.local file, so that the system can start the PHP fastcgi process at the same time.

To start php-cgi directly, use the command: Php-cgi-b

However, php-cgi is using the current user identity, perform session and other related operations will be error, if the Web users (such as Www-data under Ubuntu) can log in, then use the command: Su www-data-l-C "php-cgi-b″

If Www-data cannot log in (bash bit/bin/false), then directly modify the user permissions,

sudo chown www-data:www-data which php-cgi
sudo chmod u+s which php-cgi

BTW: Look at the ZF Handbook, at the beginning of this sentence: For files containing only PHP code, the end flag ("?>") is not allowed to exist, PHP itself does not need ("?>"), to do so, it can prevent the end of it is accidentally injected corresponding. fainted ~ ~ I only knew it now


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