3 Models of NetApp network interface aggregation

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To improve throughput and redundancy, NetApp storage aggregates multiple network connections to form a single logical port group to serve out. The NetApp port group has 3 aggregation modes, namely:

    1. Single mode
    2. Static multimode
    3. Dynamic multimode

Here is a detailed description of how the mode works in 3 and the configuration example of the switch side.

Single mode

In a single mode port group, no matter how many ports, only one port is active, the rest is dormant/standby, and only the activated port fails, the storage system randomly activates a takeover communication from the Hibernate/standby port.

In this port group, all network interfaces have one MAC address.

State detection and failover of the entire port group is done by the storage host and does not require the switch to participate, so the switch does not need to be configured. However, a switch port that requires a link in the same port group must be in the same broadcast domain (the same subnet or VLAN) and not be able to span multiple switches (unless the switch is stacked).

The main features of single mode are:

    • Simple configuration, no configuration on the switch side
    • Ability to provide network redundancy
    • Network throughput cannot be increased.

This is the recommended way to do this when network throughput is not a bottleneck

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For example, 2 links constitute a single mode port group, under normal circumstances, E0 activation, E1 standby; if E0 fails, then E1 activates

Static multimode

3 Models of NetApp network interface aggregation

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