3, to find some pain point for college students, design a mobile phone products

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The first step: Demand research

Vocational skills training platform for college students

Target User:

  1. Young people who have not yet entered the workplace
  2. Young people entering the workplace first

The first phase of the main functions:

  • Professional skills training for the main internet company
  • Help students find a career that is really right for them

Step Two: Demand analysis

  1. In what scenario will there be such a requirement?
  2. How to meet this demand
  3. What new needs are worth thinking and refining under the main demand?

Step Three: Product design

function modules (registration, personal settings, main functions, etc.), teacher-side, student-side

Specific function Modules: Course search, specific courses, employment related, learning management, System management, payment and other related functions

such as the Learning Management module specifically includes:

  1. Note-taking system: writing notes, capturing video collections, social sharing
  2. Download Favorites
  3. Achievement motivation: Atlas of personal knowledge Structure, assessment certificate issued, Community Big Head Street, virtual currency
  4. Group Study: Issue release, Response solicitation
  5. Learning Planning: Time Planning and management, curriculum planning and management, job search planning and management

3, to find some pain point for college students, design a mobile phone products

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