5 makes social networking sites such as Weibo more refreshing and usable with Chrome extensions

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Original Address : 5 makes social networking sites like Weibo more refreshing and usable with Chrome extensions

Whether you're looking at a friend on Sina Weibo or browsing a variety of jokes, or going to Facebook and Twitter to see the world follow your favorite stars, social networking sites account for almost all of our online time.

Although the content of the site is updated every day, but every day staring at the same Web page UI for a long time, it will inevitably appear aesthetic fatigue, and Sina Weibo also because of the addition of a variety of functions that can not be used, and become bloated, each open to load half a day.

Now that we spend a lot of time browsing these sites every day, we certainly want them to be more in line with their habits, and thanks to the powerful extensibility of Chrome, we may be able to use these extensions to make these sites look more pleasing to the eye and more handy.

No eyes, no heart: highly customizable Sina Weibo

Don't like the new big picture mode? Don't want to see the neighbors those extravagant spirit of praise? For the ever-bloated microblog, we are still blind to the heart. "No eyes, No Heart" developed by the Chinese, can highly customize the display style of Weibo. After the installation is successful, the "gears" in the upper right corner of the page opens the Settings page.

There's also a script for multiple browsers yet another Weibo Filter.

Mata: One-click Toggle Night Mode

If you do not want to make so many settings, one-click Switch to night mode, actually looked very comfortable.

YouTube Plus: highly customizable YouTube

YouTube's website is actually very conscience, but some of its settings are not so humane, such as based on the bandwidth to automatically determine the quality, automatic video playback. Fortunately, YouTube Plus, in addition to solving the above problems, can also highly customize the layout of YouTube. It is not recommended to block YouTube video embedded ads, because it is very conscientious and mostly high quality, many times I was willing to read. "Links: How to get on YouTube?" 】

After installation, click the Triangle button in the upper right corner to open the Settings page. Developers are also very conscientious, in each of the options are accompanied by a detailed explanation, the solution option after the "? Number to jump to the appropriate Github page.

Facebook Flat: Give your Face book a change of Face

The Facebook page hasn't changed for millennia, and I'm tired of watching it, and it's getting bloated. The extension can give face book a face, instant refreshing without leaving marks. Click on the top left corner of the page when the installation is complete, but it does not support customization. "Links: How to get on Facebook?" 】

Twean: Simple as Twitter does not let go

In fact, Twitter is concise, and if you don't even let it go, Twean can help you. The extension hides four blocks: (top to bottom) picture/video previews, ads in the timeline, recommended concerns, and hot topics. "Links: How to get on Twitter?" 】

If you have other similar extensions, you may wish to share them in the comments section.

written at the end: for Freedom look outside the world, and it this line, not to go to Google data, finally, Amway some speed agent.

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This article tags: Chrome expands extentions social website Aesthetics Google

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Original Address : 5 makes social networking sites like Weibo more refreshing and usable with Chrome extensions

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5 makes social networking sites such as Weibo more refreshing and usable with Chrome extensions

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