5 minutes to turn any website into desktop software (reprint)

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Previously, it took a lot of manpower and time to develop a desktop software. Now, with web the rapid development of technology, many business logic has been implemented on the website. In that case, can you quickly turn the website into software? This practice has been many, early Qt , and later Electron , can realize the development of cross-platform desktop software. Is it an embedded browser? Can you get some faster? A little faster? Today, let's introduce a tool that allows you to 5 turn a website into an installable desktop software within minutes.

Authoring software

Let's take https://segmentfaut.com this website as an example to make our software.

Installation Tools

A word to fix:

i -g nativefier
Start making

A word to fix:

nativefier "https://segmentfault.com"
Running the software

OK, the software is ready, look at the effect:

It's that simple, isn't there?

Optional steps

These are the required steps, and the following are the optional steps.

Ţa not too lazy, after entering the door, more or less need to adjust a bit. Nativefierprovide a lot of options to set up, including application software name, icon, initial window size, whether full screen and so on, specific to the official website to inquire.

At the same time, after setting these options, it is best to make a batch script for later adjustment and use:

#!/bin/bashnativefier --name "SegmentFault" "https://segmentfault.com/"

Once you have adjusted the parameters, rerun the script.

Making the installation package

After the software is finished, we get the application that is named, SegmentFault.app although it can be executed, but it looks unprofessional, the professional installation package is the .dmg suffix file, then we will make one .dmg .

Open the Disk utility that comes with your Mac and create a new blank image .

The initial size is set to, because the default will not fit the 200MB 100MB installation file, but this size can be compressed, so even if it is not OK to set 300MB .

After you've built it, double-click the icon to open the file, make a copy of it, and SegmentFault.app then create a Applications shortcut to the folder in it, right-click the display option, tick " always open with icon ", resize the icon, At the bottom, pick a picture with arrows as the background.

Finally, open the disk tool again, first the file just now, then click on the menu " image "-" convert ", compress it, a perfect dmg installation package is made.

The size of the new installation package is about 51MB , I uploaded it to Baidu Network disk, the need for students can download the installation trial. Windowsinstallation package I do not make, the production of software methods similar, but in the production of the installation package, it is a Windows little more trouble.

How is it easy to make a desktop software? You also come to learn to turn your website into software!

5 minutes to turn any website into desktop software (reprint)

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